Tuesday, April 9, 2013

America should be the home of all...

Ok, strange title I know that, and I may get some comments after you finish reading what I have to say on the subject.   There should no reason why any American should be starving, have lack of healthcare, lack of a job, and lack of a home.  I should repeat it, but I will not.  If you want it repeated, re-read the last line.
I am an American, and I feel blessed to be one.  I could be in some third-world, dodging bullets, waiting for some westerner, like an American, British, or French person to rescue me, and trying to find food.   Instead I live in a house, drive a car, and I can go pretty much where I want to go in this country, but there are those in this country who feel like they are being treated like a third-class citizen.
This post is not about anyone's right to do something, nor it is about the government and the current president, who I support, but that does not mean that I agree with everything that he or his cabinet does.  I will save that post for another day.  I will not turn this blog into a political arena.
What I will say is this:  If your situation is on the downside, why are you there?  There are so many ways that a person can get out of a situation, but maybe you were never shown how to get to what you want.  I do not know you or your situation.  I am not going to ask you that question.   What I am going to do as as you a futuristic question, what are you doing to get yourself out of the situation?   Do you have any ideas on how you are going to make it?  
For instance, I was working at customer call centers for a number of years, but I kept getting fired from these positions.  So instead of staying in that industry (not that I did not like the positions), I concentrated on getting a degree in Marketing, and graduated in 2003 with a bachelor's degree on the subject.  I decided to put it to somewhat good use by becoming an independent consultant with Longaberger and finally decided to use my passion and love for creating scrapbooks and cards in 2010.  does that mean that I do not have struggles?  I still do, and I temporary do get help, but I do not plan on staying that way.  I hope that this is the year that I do get to make more than just a an order or two, or someone hiring me to type something for them every once in a while.   I also have a business coach who is teaching me to draw money from my blogs and to do other things.
This is what I am talking about.  Find something that makes you happy and to bring you income.   it does not matter if you think that the government cares or does not care, the point here is do something that allows you not to depend on them every. single. month.   If creating a business is not your thing, do something temporary until you can have income enough to open up a bank or credit union account.  Take pride in yourself.   This is directed towards my race, African Americans, especially people my age and younger:  It is not a white thing to be educated, intelligent, and have pride in yourself to do good.   To have a sense of not being told how to spend your money and where to spend it, to get things the legal way, to respect something you believe in, and not taking something that was not yours to take in the first place, including a life is a beautiful thing.
So that's it.   I know it is hard, and life has never been easy for me or anyone else.  Heck, even the wealthy have their problems.  Life is not all about material things anyway.  We as humans just make it that way.  It is how you can make it in this world, to help others, and to do what is right by God and mankind.   To that end, I will talk to you later, so be blessed today and always.

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