Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trends, follow any?

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Today, I want to speak to you about trends.  My question to you is do you follow any?  Please ponder this question for the moment.

First of all, I tried looking up the word, and there really isn't a clear cut definition of it, in my opinion.  Google (through the help of says that a trend a "general direction in which something is developing or changing."  My definition of the word is simply, " whatever is popular or talked about as part of a conversation at the moment."
So for example, when I think of a trend, I immediately turn to fashion.  It is forever changing, and it is something that is talked about, especially among women.  When I was little, I saw bell bottoms (wide legged pants), hot pants (shorts), and the Maxi (dress).  They are in style today, so they are a circling fashion trend.  Also in trend for fall 2012 are gowns with draping necklines, red clothing, and black and white clothing (a carryover from 2011).
Technology is another changing trend.  I am old enough to remember when the personal computer came out.  I wanted one so bad, because I was curious, but they were not affordable back then either.  I remember when a cell phone was that device that only secret agents on the television use, and they were clunky as heck (they used them a lot on The Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man).  Now I have an Ipad and a smartphone, and the phone is small enough to fit into my purse.  Now they are talking about an Ipad Mini coming out next month to compete with the Kindle Fire.  I just cannot keep up.
I went ahead to look up on Google what are some of the trends for today (September 13, 2012), and they are:

  • Innocence of Muslims
  • Cnet (I guess for their take of the IPhone 5 conference yesterday)
  • Engadget (whatever the heck that is, I will have to look that up)
  • Libya
  • Sons of anarchy
  • Chris Brown's Tattoo (really people, are we making a big deal of this.  I do not get it when there are innocent people getting slaughtered, and we are making some big deal over a celeb's tat.  Get a life people)
  • Twin Towers-I remember what I was doing when this happened, and I am still sadden over this tragic day in American history.
  • Justin TV -Did Justin Beiber decided to own a television station or what?
  • SOA- Not sure what that is, but I guess it is good enough to be a trend by Google's standards.
So have you talked about any of this today? If so tell me about it.  If not, why not?  There are all sorts of  trends out there from Honey Boo Boo child (please, the mama needs help, so do not get me started, plus, I have my own views on why I do not like children getting into beauty contests) to being a foodie (I love claiming to be one).  So, again, I would love to hear your comments on trends.  What trends you cannot get enough of and what trends that you wish they would shut up about already? I love to hear back from you.

In the meanwhile, be blessed everyday.
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