Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Fall

Fall colours
Fall colours (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Whatever you call it, Fall or Autumn, it is here.  Summer 2012 is a thing of the past and in the history books. How did you survive?  I told you in my last post what I did for the summer, and so things (and truths) I learned during this time.   I learned:

  1. Heat and hot flashes do not mix.
  2. Heat rises to second floor and stays there even when you are asleep.  Best to keep the air on all night.
  3. Save your own money so you do not have to share a hotel room with your parents.
  4. Ipads and smartphones make the time go a lot quicker while riding in a car.
  5. Military bases do not have WiFi, and will not have any in the near foreseeable future.  Best bring your own.
  6. Stretch a lot before walking uphill.
  7. Bring lots of money to Canada.
  8. Pack like you are staying for a month.
  9. Plan ahead and have a plan b,c, and d.
  10. Did I mention Heat and hot flashes do not mix.
I love curling up with a blanket and a pillow and just read.  Fall is made for that type of thing.   Summer is too hot for it, and winter is too cold.  Spring does not do it at all for me.  It is not a curling up season.  I ready to shed off layers by then.

Leaves, I used to love to jump in a pile of leaves.  I think it is a kid thing.  It's soft and messy.  You can track in the leaves and make parents mad because you do not have to clean it up.  Now that I am the adult, it is no fun anymore.  Finally, Thanksgiving and harvest (I am not a big fan of Halloween), you get ready for the next to last holiday of the year,  and each year, the turkey steals the show.  I love my mom's dressing, and I do not make it as good as she does each year.  This year, I will have to ask her if I can make it, with her guiding me.  I know someday I will have to make it without her help.   

I love everything that the season brings to the table, and for Fall 2012, I hope it is a good season.

Be blessed everyday.


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