Monday, September 24, 2012

Putting something to good use...Social Media Accounts

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This post is sort of aimed towards those who are in a home business type situation , especially Direct selling, but it is bit of advise to myself....I am finally putting LinkedIn to good use.
I have been sort of afraid of LinkedIn, maybe because it stays in Facebook and Twitter's shadow a lot, but when you really look into it, LinkedIn can become your new best friend.  No Really.  Also I have online habits.   What are online habits?   Well, there isn't a clear definition of a online habit, and I really do not think that is the proper term for it.  Call it my own personal term for what is known as what do you do the moment your fingers touch the keyboard and mouse.  Let me give you an example:
When I get online, the first thing I do is open up Outlook.  This is where the majority of my email lands when I retrieve it from the Roadrunner server.  Next, after the email filters into the variety of folders I set up, I read everything that is left in my main folder, going through the junk email that did not land in the junk email folder by a simple delete.  I do not read it.   Next I send all my scrapbooking supply mail to its folder, business ops to its folder, and so forth.  It is then I start the actual reading.  I take care of all Longaberger mails first, MDN Creates second, Blogs to Riches mail third.  Then I leave Outlook open.  Simple, right?  I take a break, and start in with my files (because I am trying to organize by the end of the year), I take "one bit at a time" as the book, "How to Eat an Elephant" says about how to handle projects.  I spend about 30 mins on the project. (In case you missed something, no I did not say how long I spend reading and sorting my emails.  I am working on it)
Next, I mess with Social Media.  So far, it has been just Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ spread throughout the day, and then I may throw in Pinterest and now LinkedIn in the evening.  Next, I will work on some cards, I have a Mini book that needs starting.  I will be honest, this is not everyday.  At the moment, I am asking for some help with a customer's party by asking for some orders, so I am doing a lot of writing with that, as well as other things.  There are some days where I may have something in the wash while I am working on business stuff.  There are also some days where I am working on home organizing.  It depends on how I plan my week. Overall, I am doing pretty good.  I just never thought about my LinkedIn account until just now, before I started writing in this blog. It would be nice to work with some businesses, so here I go again.
So my advise to you is what ever it is you are selling, make sure that all your friends and loved ones from all your social media accounts know what your products are, and what you are selling.  This is the lesson I am learning.  Do not be ashamed about it.  After all, if they can show 20 pictures of their newest tabby, you can show them at least one picture of your products, but let them do all the spamming.  Be the Pro in the family.

Be Blessed everyday.
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