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I am sorry that I have not written in a long time.  To say I have been busy is a understatement, or an excuse, whichever works for you.

I want to talk about being part of a team.  Not necessary as is in "there is no I in team" for if you have ever been part of a team, you should know this, but when a person decides to select someone to be part of a team.  I think, I can speak for myself on this one, but I cannot.  When I ask a person if they ever considered being part of my team, I have already seen qualification which makes them a good team player.  That person may have seen it too, but never asked about being a consultant.  Once that person applies to be a consultant, only Longaberger can have the final say so in that process.  That task is very simple.   There is another type of team I want to talk about.

I mentioned this, because lately I have been trying to join a design team with someone.  A design team is a group of people who can take what the head person gives them, and turn it into their own creation.  There are graphic design teams (I cannot draw good enough to save a life), and scrapbook design teams.  I am trying to join a scrapbook design team.  These teams are, as I said, a group of people, who can take say a piece of paper, ribbon, a rubber stamp, and ink, and incorporate them into a scrapbook layout.  This is supposed to show the reader some ideas of what to do with items they have at home.   Some teams are the manufacturers who make the products (like Basic Grey, K and Co, and Bo-Bunny), while there are others who have blogs who are asking for  design teams as well.

Now I do good work, not great work, but good enough to be on a design team.  To be on a basic design team, you have know how to scrapbook or make cards.   You also have to know what they are talking about. some teams require you to have a blog, like one team that I am on, and for some teams, it is not a requirement. Some teams do not require you to be unique, while others do so, but all require you to be creative.  Bottom line, follow the requirements, and maybe you will get on team of your choice.   So far for me, 1 out of 10 I have applied for and actually made.   I only want one more, and it is dishearten when you think you are one of the ones to be selected only to be shot down.   Well, I applied to the next one, Prima, who makes Prima flowers and paper. The deadline is May 15, and I applied the day they announced it.  This is how bad I want to be on a design team.

Now since I mentioned my plea on this blog and not my scrapbooking blog, those of you who do not make scrapbook layouts or cards may wonder why put myself through things such design teams, when they do not pay a dime.   I do it for several reasons.  First of all, recognition.  I am not a famous person,my creations are not known, except through  several family members,friends, and those who read my blog, I have 170 or more followers.   Second, customers.  I plan to and want to make scrapbooks, cards, mini books, and journals for people.  I also want to teach classes on the subject.   This requires customers, paying customers.  After all, a girl's got to eat and pay bills. Lastly information.  Even though there plenty of information out there on scrapbooking, many still think of it as a way for a housewife or student to past the time away, when it can be much, much more.  There are people who would pay hundreds of dollars just for one scrapbook, and there are machines which can cut out designs for books, which can cost up to $500.   That is how serious this craft is.   I can go on.  People want to copy what you do when they run out ideas.  I also find it relaxing.

So for those who choice which person would make a good fit on your next team, whether it is a design team or something which you have to do for the boss.   Be careful on the approach and weigh each decision carefully.  Ask yourself what each person brings to table that is unique, but not too unique that you have to be picky about it.   Everyone has their own way of doing things.  Just give them the basics and just let them be if you pick them.  If they go so far out there until you cannot stand it, just reel them back in, tell them to focus, do not drop them.  Things will be fine at the end.  If it is only a year's commitment, it is only a year, then you get to pick a new bunch of people.  Again, it will be alright.  

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