Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I swear...NOT!

I was browsing a website called Seeded Buzz.   This is a website where you buzz (write) about things on your blog and then you place a seed (post) for someone else to read about it.  I have listed that I will do buzzes about my MDN Creates blog, but not this one, because I created the account two years ago.  Just trying to put my name out there.

Well, a little buzz came up about swearing on blogs.  Honestly, I have been taught by my parents (my mother mostly) not to swear at all.   I have listened for the most part, but every now and then, I slip up.  If you are a good Christian you will slip up, but then in your prayers, that is when you ask for God's forgiveness, and he will.  Now I was told there is an unforgivable sin that will ultimately get you thrown into that Lake of Fire that I do not want to see...ever.  That unforgivable sin is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, according to Mark 3: 28-30, Matt 12: 30-32, Luke 12:8-10, Hebrews 6:4-8, and Hebrews 10:26-29 in the bible.  Ok, that is as far as I am going to get with that part of the subject of swearing.

Everyday swearing (is there such a thing?) 

We have all heard it, and it is not going away soon.   It comes in the form of lyrics to a song, a soap diva calling another one a female dog, and I have heard a couple of cartoons using that kind of language.  It used to be that if you so much have thought of a curse word, your mouth got washed out with soap.  I first got a taste of saying a curse word one day in high school.  I had just gotten my books out of my locker after school was over, when a boy that I was friends with said something to me that made me frustrated, and I cursed him out of the school.  He never thought that I would say such a thing to him, and I never thought that would ever come out of my mouth.   When things do not go my way, that when it hits me, but since then, I have learned to gain back that control, and letting God have his way with my mouth once again.  That does not mean that I am not going to slip up.   This brings me back to the little buzz I just saw on Seeded Buzz.    Surprisingly, I have not sore on any of my posts, nor any comments.   The post I wrote yesterday on the frustration about the negativity  I have seen on a group I just quit, I have not cursed at them at all.  In fact I offered to pray for the women causing it in the first place.   I wanted to make 2012 a year of positivity in everything that I do.  That does not mean I was causing the negativity in my life to happen in the first place.  
Swearing creates that, and is one of Satan's playgrounds.   We are letting everyone get away with it.  Four months ago, I wrote a piece on MDN Creates about my niece who is 3 years old.   In that post, I talked about her giving me and my sister the surprise of our lives when she cursed out loud.   I was not writing it to be cute about the situation.  In fact, me, my sister, and my mother had an intervention on this preschooler.  I think we sort of scared her, because I have not heard my niece curse since that time.   I know this is not the end of her potty mouth (as Super Nanny calls it), but for now, I can rest in knowing that I, nor Miss Nine'na's mother and grandmother do not have to put her in time out for it.

So do I swear?  Yes, when it slips.  In my blogs?  No.  Do I ask for forgiveness from God?  Yes, I do.  I am human.  Is this an excuse?  Of course is it, but I am also forgiven, as well as anyone else who do and ask for that forgiveness, but do not slip up to the point where you utter that unforgivable sin.  Again, I do not want to see that Lake of Fire...ever.   God Bless you.   

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