Monday, May 28, 2012


I am a spoiled person.  So are you, if you live in America.   We have the privilege to say whatever it that comes to mind.  The tongue is a very powerful instrument as well.  When connected to the mind and thoughts of a person, it can be used to say anything from a kind word or two, providing sympathy to a grieving person, or cut a person in two by cursing and swearing with words.  Sometimes we take advantage of that freedom as well.

Yahoo allows like-minded people to come together to form a group.  In these Yahoogroups, you can get together for things, such as a love of gun collection, a particular breed of dog, and sell groups to name a few 100,000.   I just unsubscribed from a group, which I have been a part of for over 5 years.   It is a Longaberger group of consultants, leaders and customers.  This group are not endorsed by the company, so they do not monitor the content coming from it.   Well, in the last few months, the company started some programs that allows a consultant like me to have more ways to grown my business.  Sounds good, right?  I mean who doesn't want more business.  Apparently, these ladies who are also consultants do not, and they have stated that in the group.  From the time I reported nothing but good things that have happened to my business because of two of the new programs, I have had nothing buy negative comments.  Yes, they have the freedom of speech on their side, but I have had it with the negativity, so I left.  Before I left, I wrote the group a final post, explaining why.   I am going to show this note to you, striking out parts that were deemed private:

To the Group:

I have had my last negativity with this group.   You know, they say if you want some positivity in your life, you cut ties with those who do not share in your joy and vision.   I love Longaberger, and I love how things are going as far as they as concern with this company.  People do not like change, and there are some people do not like how this company has been run.  I agree with Carrie about this policy 100%, and there have been times when I have report nothing but good things that happened with my business, and I get people like Robin and mahiler commenting with often times a negative comeback.  Yes, this country is founded on freedom of speech, and yes, this group that allows you to say whatever comes out of your mouth, good or bad.  I can say that for the first time in 4 years that I am finally making my goal, and I thank God for allowing me to work for a company like Longaberger, who believes in their selling team.  I told my NSL who is also my central branch leader that, after I looked at my sales totals, and compared them to the amount I set for the 2011-2012 selling season.   I may not agree with everything that Tami and the rest of the executives decide for this company, but I roll with the punches, and I do try to see where I fit in the big picture, I make the best of it, and make adjustments where I can.   Yes, you are going to say something negative.  I can feel it as I write my exit speech but I am going to say it anyway.  I also agree that if you are not happy, leave, and that is what I am doing with this group.  We have argued about policies of Longaberger, new programs Longaberger has implemented, and other things, and I have weather the storm.  Well I have had enough of it.   mahiler, I am glad that your sales are up despite your constant complaints about the company to this group and your customers.  It is amazing to me, how negative people do not know how to keep their mouths shut, and let others enjoy themselves.  I do pray that you and Robin find solace and some positivity in your business, which in my opinion can use some, and allow others to enjoy theirs.  Do not sell Longaberger product because you can, but because have something to say positive about everything from the products to the company itself.  If it wasn’t for companies, products would not be here in the first place.

I just feel like that at this time, I need to take a well-deserved break from this group.  I do advise that you find that peace, and remember that how excited you were when first started with Longaberger. I hope to see and meet some of you at the Bee in July.   Carrie, I am sorry that I am leaving this way.  You have been a wonderful moderator to me.  Good luck with all of your businesses.

Patricia Logan  

It was pretty straight forward.   This post shows how even with freedom of speech, which again we have the privilege of having in the US, how saying the wrong thing can hurt a person.  So on this Memorial Day Monday, as I said in the letter to the group, find that thing that make you happy and you feel good inside.  do not worry about any one else.  OK, if you are a parent you can worry about your child, but other that than that, find that peace that brings you joy and happiness, and contribute nothing but positive energy and words of kindness to someone who can use it.  I will do the same.

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