Friday, May 11, 2012

Be true to Yourself and others...

...When offering a service they could use.  I am surprised by the number of people who actually claim they have a legitimate business.  I am not talking about people like me, who try to make an honest day's wage in the form of a home or small business, or even the ones who work for someone else.  You are fine.  I am talking about the people who claim they have some get rich quick business, in hopes that the get their "sucker born every minute person."  Sure, we all want money, that is the point of working, but it should not be to the point of robbing a person blind.  We all have valuable skills that can be used for the common good, but I could tell you of the countless people who flood my inbox on a daily, wanting my time, and my money so that I and others like me can line their pockets.  

Look, no one likes the idea of depending on the government to pay for bills, feed the family, and help find  and pay for housing.   If you have to depend on the government, that is fine too, but do it temporary.  During the time of dependability, gain some skills.   I know it is easier said than putting fourth an effort.  Some people think that asking for help are for the lazy and the dumb.  No it is not.  It is for people who need a little boost, until a person can find a better way of doing things.   For people who judge, you do not know a person's situation.  There maybe generations of people on welfare, but has anyone ever bothered to ask that family why they are on welfare in the first place?  Has anyone ever bothered to ask that young mother why she is pregnant for the 8th time.  If you were in that person's shoes (and we are all one paycheck from being there ), what services would you want someone to teach you?   Is it how to interview for a job?  Childcare needs?   Utilities?    Healthcare options?

For those of you who are currently on some type of assistance, what is holding you back for getting all that you want?  Is it pride?  self esteem issues?  Lack of skills?  Lack of resources?  Envy of others not necessary like you but of your race?  The lack of wanting to know a higher power who is bigger than all of us?   Hum, I think I might have struck a nerve here, but I am going to let you ponder that for a moment, and it is sometime to think about.

We all have something to contribute to this world if we all just stop and think about it.   For some reason, at least where I live, help stops at age 21-24, and for what?   There used to be a time where people are kind enough to offer help just to offer it, and people kind enough to except it.   Now there is this "don't touch me", "text me", "I do not want to speak to you", and "if you come near me, I will sue you" type mentality.  We have our head buried in the sand (cell phones, Ipad, laptops) to the point where even teens text each other when they are across the table from each other.   We talk, but we do the wrong type of talk.   Ponder that too, and I will catch you later.

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