Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Write what you know, research the rest

Today’s is Tip Tuesday.  This is where I give you tips in writing, anything that I come across (except crafting, which will be on The P. Lynne Designs blog).  This is information only, and it makes sense in life to me, and life as a writer.

As you may know, I am a blogger and freelance writer.  It is my job to make others look and sound good, as well as make myself look and sound good on paper and in the digital world.  I also wear many hats in my business and have many facets that will eventually get consolidated into one cohesive unit.  For the moment, I am loving this exploration. So, what does it have to do with today’s tip?

As you explore your many talents, and we all have them, it does not have the top ones like musician, dancer, or writer, you could be great at delegating, tasting a food, or even complaining.  I know people who always complain, and as my dad says, they will complain If you “hung them with a new rope”. Ok, I am getting off the subject, but the point is an expert in anything.  Oops, let me make my point.   As you explore your many, talents, you may be called to talk about them.  Some people shy away from this sort of thing, but if you are a talker, you will be asked these questions in life:  “What do you do” and “What are your hobbies”?

I love dancing, playing a musical keyboard, paper crafting, and Disney for starters.  I can tell you almost all things about these subjects, such as the perfect glue to use on chipboard, the correct way to do a paradiddle (that’s a tap dance term that I obviously do not know how to spell correctly, LOL), The perfect spot to view the fireworks at Cinderella’s castle, and what G#min7 chord is and how to execute them all.

So, what do the things that I love have to do with the subject of writing what you know?

Well, I know about these subjects, in addition to organizing, being a Christian, marketing, chocolate, sushi, being a single person, writing, and being an aunt.  I can write about these subjects in my sleep.  I have studied them all my life, and when I am asked to write something on them, I know what I am talking about.  Does that mean that I cannot write about being a parent?  I am afraid that I may steer some people in the wrong direction, but I have to research on some things, such as disciplining a child.  I can tell what I do as an aunt. Most of these answers will Most likely be based on your experiences with the subject, but even with subjects you know about, you may have to “fill in the blank” on parts you are not sure of.    (Such as wait times for the Slinky Dog Roller Coaster.)

What if I do not know something?

You have a plethora of information that you can research.  For instance, I can tell you where I would stay at one of Walt Disney World’s 22 plus resorts, but I cannot tell you how much a room is for 5 nights, and the amenities that you would get when staying.  It depends on your situation:  what are you going to be doing besides the parks or are you a new Disney Vacation Club member?  I will have to research the answer for you.  That G#min7 chord I mentioned earlier?  I cannot play it on a guitar so I would have to research it for you.  Clogging (a country dance similar to tap dance)?  Yep, that too.  Plus, researching make information more credible.  Not only that but for some things, such as a scientific equation or theory, you almost need to research the information to prove that it really exists.

So, there is nothing wrong with researching a subject that you do not know.  It is fun, and you can sit at the computer or in the library and leave your bottom lip hanging on the floor when you discover something new and different. Not only that

but some of these subjects (like Quantum Physics or theory, oops, Star Trek Voyager term, LOL), makes for some good discussions when you have nothing to say at a party.

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