Monday, October 15, 2018

Motivational Monday Goal Setting 2018

Let me ask you a couple questions:  Are there any things or quests that you want to do in your lifetime?  Do you have a bucket list?  If this is you, stay tuned as I try to answer these questions personally.
I have visited this topic several times between two blogs, this one, and Simply Organized Crafts, which merged with Tricia’s Baskets to form a new blog called At Home with Tricia's Baskets.  One particular system that has to do with goal setting is called SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-based).  I wish I had transferred it from Simply Organized Crafts before taking the blog down last year.  It really had some good, valuable tips on how to manage your goals.
Before I dive into how to set your goals the easy way, which incorporates some of the tools from SMART, only in condensed form, I would love to give you my goals for the rest of the year.  We have 78 more days to make this the best year and to complete goals.  It is around this time when I start reflecting on my goals for 2018 and start planning for 2019.  I make three lists; one is for personal, one for financial, and one for business.  The financial goals are split between personal and business, which is another way to say this is my budget. I have failed my budget for every year including 2018, but the goal is to make and keep a 2019 personal and business budget.  I will go in depth with my budget goals on my At Home with Tricia's Baskets blog.
Personal goals
I am going to confess a little bit, I have not been very kind to myself lately.  This is entirely my fault.  I have let situations, people, and other things consume my well-being. Most of us do that.  It comes with the nature of the things around us.  As humans, we want what is best for others, but never ourselves.  We are supposed to, but we also cannot be our best selves if we do not take care of ourselves.  I do not get enough sleep, especially lately, and it comes with health issues of both my parents, who have entered the elderly stage in their life.  I also did not expect my nephew to still be living here, and sometimes it has come with some tense moments that have recently worked itself out. Also, there is a pet involved.  Do not read this into my complaints, but when you are used to your house being a certain way, and your life up to a point being a certain way, then you have to learn how to adjust accordingly, and the last 5 weeks, I have not adjusted as well as I should.
For that reason, I have one personal goal, take care of myself, while taking care of others.  Call it a timeout session.  Last week, I found a new place and a new relaxation technique, called floating.  It is supposed to be meditative, which I plan on using it for.  You get in a pod filled with water, which contains enough sodium to allow you to float.  Before I hear the naysayers, yes it is supposed to be therapeutic, you can clear your mind, and s a Christian, yes, I will be praying for guidance, and most of all, relax.  Some of you are asking, “why can’t you buy salt, put it in your bathtub, and float that way.  Two things; (1) the distraction of the things and people in the house and (2) we only have one tub, and if someone needs to use it, I may not have the time to float like they are instructing me too.  Besides that, I am not a swimmer, and there are people there who can help me.  I can close the lid if I want to, and the music is a nice touch.  The woman who I talked to last week was very helpful with my questions. 
Part of taking care of myself means also taking care of my finances.  It means also to say “no” which I have a hard time doing.  This is what I am focusing on for the rest of 2018.  
Business goals
Business goals are a lot harder.  Why?  Because you are taking care of something that is part of you, but it is a separate part of you.  I have not been kind to it either.  There are three parts of a business; (1) physical product or service (2) Finances, including taxes and (3) Customer service.  Let’s just say I have been neglectful in parts of all three.
Some goals I have are:
  • Learn all I can.  This means any free or low-cost classes I can take to enhance the products and services, and financial service programs and resources that my business can take part in.
  • Apply all I can.  Once I learn of these techniques, implement these services that have been detailed towards my business.  Provide the products in a new way that can best serve the customer.  Also, offer the best customer service to the customer so they will return to my business.  I do not want a revolving door business.
  • Teach all I can.  This is in the form of classes, not only in my blogs, but I want to do some local classes too.  I can also educate the customer while servicing them.  I can also teach in my blog posts like I am doing now.
These are some of my goals for 2019 as well.  So, the goals I gave you as an example, which are also true to me, can be on-going as well.
Can I change goals?
Why of course you can, especially if you find that they are not working.  These are not plans.  Plans are different, from a Christian point of view, are changeable because I believe that God has a sense of humor, and God also laughs.  From that stance, he laughs every time you make plans, especially plans that are supposed to change your life, forever.
Goals can be broken
Do not be disappointed if you do not make your short-term goals.  Accomplish what you can of your long-term goals as well.  For instance, if you have a goal of a well-functioning craft room.  You have worked out all the details, except buying and getting rid of major pieces (i.e. furniture) and choosing the paint color.  You know where you are going to put items, You have a deadline, and everything is set to go.  All of a sudden, life gets in the way and your money has to go for other things, such as bills, and other expenses are more important than your craft room.  Do what you can to the room, and when it comes to buying everything, take the time to do it then.  This is what has happened to me.  Another thing in the goal setting plans was to take a trip with all family members to Walt Disney World. This goal was set to take place in 2010, and 8 years later, we have not gone.  I have taken a cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines since that time. I have learned to pick up both goals at a later time as well as being a first-time homeowner and being a mom to a daughter I have not giving birth to (adoption).
In these cases, never make anything big a short-term goal (less than 5 years).  Make them long-term goals (complete in 5 years or more).
Nuggets of information:
I love the SMART system for goal setting.  Remember to be specific about your goals.  Make them meaningful. Make sure you can attain this goal and realistic.  Finally, track your goals to see how you are coming along. Use a notebook to keep track of time. Do not get upset if you have not completed the goal but celebrate what you have done.  A tip I have is when you have complete part of the goal, turn the rest into a new goal or re-work the goal into smaller chunks.  There is a saying:  How do you eat an elephant?  One bit at a time.  Reward yourself when the whole task is completed.  Let others know about the goal and accept help when needed. 
I have one more goal that I want to mention that is personal and one that is business:  The personal one is to be more intentional with God and my faith.  The business one is to be consistent with my blogs and social media.  More on those goals in the new year, but I thought I would mention them now.

Have a blessed day, and God Bless you.

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