Friday, August 5, 2016

What is your Technology Pet Peeve?

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Yesterday was not a break.  I have something up. 
So, today’s topic of conversation (writing prompt) has to do with Technology.  I think of technology like a love/hate relationship (we all had at least one of those). Anyway, there are those things about the computer that we really love, and then there are those things that really get on our nerves to the point where we want to throw these things in the inferno, and never touch them again.  To start off, I have a few of them.

Why do I need a password for that?

OK, for the most part, I love the idea that we password protect stuff, especially personal information.  I do not want anyone to pose as me unless you are willing to do the following:

            Pay my bills!!!

I could not say it loud enough.  You want to be me, take on my bills.  This is what I want every hacker to realize:  We, as law abiding citizens of whatever country we are from or live in, worked too hard to get where we are in life.  We love our family, our friends, Our God (or whoever you worship).  We have enough problems for you to add to that problem.  Some of us are doing OK with what we have.  We are making due with what we have, and actually are doing better than we thought we would do.  So, if you are thinking that we will recover when you steal from us, pay for your habits that we thought were not there, until we put in our social security numbers on our credit reports and find a whole bunch of crap that was not there yesterday, and hack into our computer systems to see if you can find more stuff to get your hands on, think again.  No, my id has not been stolen and let’s keep it that way.  I have, however, had my computer hacked into, and my credit cards stolen, and I have a couple of relatives, whose id has been stolen. 

The most recent hack was back in January. Now, I have this annoying little program called Webroot, but it was necessary.  Because I now keep business records on a cloud accessible through my computer, I need all the protection I can get.
So why did I have the subtitle, “Why do I need a password for that?” I recently downloaded an Adobe Illustrator file with brushes on it.  Would you believe that the person who created it, password protected the little booger?  Why even offer the file for download if you are going to do that?  I even read the instructions, and the password is not on the document telling me the password.  
No internet, some internet, what is going on?
My next pet peeve in the world of technology is my internet or lack thereof.   I have good internet from AT&T Uverse when it is not fading in and out.  It is not that I do not have a connection.  It is the kind of connection that is ghetto-like.  Here is the deal:  I have a medium connection.  It is not the lowest, but, it is not the highest either. Either I need to switch services or agree to pay for Max.   I do not love my internet service that well to pay more.  I do not have money like that.
When I first got the service (which is part of a bundle- TV, phone, internet), I was having problems.  I found out last year that the techs who install the internet in the first place installed it on wiring that was 70 years old.  That cannot be right because the building itself was built in 1973.  I was in the third grade in ’73.  My youngest brother was born in 1970.  The point is they had to build a brand new wiring system, which finally got my router and modem off my nightstand, and next to my television.
Now it is to the point where the internet cuts in and out during certain points of the day, and it is really bad when it is between the hours of 1am-4 am.  I know, I am supposed to be sleep, but sometimes it is so quiet during that time.  I am the only one in the house, but the point of quiet means the phone does not ring.  I do not do it all the time.
Interaction time.

So let me know what are you pet peeves in technology?  It does not have to be much.  (there goes my pet peeve of the internet cutting in and out again.  Uggh).  It could be about the way social media is today (I have to create a separate post on that as well).  Anything.  Let me know.

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