Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August is writing prompt month

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I hope you enjoyed my last post.  For this month, I decided to sort of take a little break from thinking too hard about a subject.  (Like I have not been taking a break)

July was very busy as you can see by my lack of writing.  No excuses this time, but that did give me time enough to think about my next move.  Nothing concrete yet, but you will know.  I talk about anything.  I am still on that break, but this month, I decided to do writing prompts.  Writers, there is nothing wrong with prompts, IF they pertain to your niche.  My niche for this blog is writing, so anything goes here (except adult stuff, I want the kiddos to read too).  So, if you are looking for that raunchy, nasty, good for your libido type stuff, I heard that Zane is putting out new material all the time. Not here, no thank you. (I even stopped reading and watching that mess, but you do you, boo).
For August, I want to just talk.  (I normally do not use the word, “just”, but it fits here). 

The way you can participate for the month is simply:  Read, Comment, and Do.  Read the writing prompt.  For example, I used BlogHer’s writing prompt of “What is your favorite (spelled the European way) Fairy Tale?”  At the end of my post, I issued a call to action which was to comment on your favorite (spelled the American way) Fairy Tale.  I placed it on my Facebook page, “My Ambiance Life”, as well.  Next, in your journals, or wherever you write, my call to action is write your own post (to yourself or others).  This is a fun way to get your brain to think.  I would love to read your answers.

I will have another one tomorrow.  It will be either another one from BlogHer, or from somewhere else.  There is no prize, just pure, clean fun.  

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