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Saturday Night Snippets

Princess has a question, Do you have the answer?
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I usually do not write Saturdays and Sundays.  I reserve that time to play catch up.  Well, since I have been a little under the weather this past week, I thought I would write something.
To get your name out there 101-answer questions
It sounds a little silly, but if you want to get some recognition, answer questions for people.  There are sites like Yahoo Answers, which people ask a general question like “why is the sky blue?” (OK, that is too general, but you get the picture).   I signed up on a site called Quora. Quora allows people to ask questions, and it is better organized than or Yahoo Answers.  No matter how silly your question is, you can ask it.
You can become an expert for that topic after one answer, and that will allow you to receive questions in the mail on that topic.  If you do not know the answer, you can either “pass” it or do like I just did on a question, quickly look it up, and give your answer.  Do not copy and paste it, for I am sure they will know it. By the way, the question that was gifted to me was the on “why did Disney replace Kimberly J. Brown as Marnie in Halloweentown with Sara Paxton (Return to Halloweentown)?”  I had to look that up and found out that she (Kimberly) was not available at the time of production.  She was on another movie set. 
So here are some of the other answers I gave in Quora tonight:

Who are your favorite You Tubers?
Like most people who answered this question, I have several favorites.  Please note:  These are different from the ones mentioned because I like mostly family-oriented videos.
1.      GabeBabeTV
2.      The Nive Nulls
3.      Cullen and Katie
4.      Samika Vlogs
5.      Glass Posse-Sister of Sam Anderson of Samika Vlogs
6.      T'mika Miller of ScrapDaWorld.  She makes Scrapbook Projects
7.      The Dis Unplug-They give you the news of all things Disney Parks, Universal Studios, and Florida (and sometimes California)
8.      Melody Lane- Avid Cricut Cutting Machine user
9.      Of Mice and Trains- He shows his Disney Cruise Trips
10. Tribe Tyler -Friends with Sam Anderson of Samika Vlogs.  His style is different from all the other You Tubers.  When you see it, it looks kind of retro.
11. Honorable Mention:  Laura in the Kitchen and The Pink Stamper
You know, it is funny, but the first 6 are family oriented, and they are faith-based, even though they are not preachy.  They do have their opinions, when are closely related to mine.  These families do show only 15 to 20 mins of their daily life, and yet, I know what their family personality is like.  The others are because I am a Disney fan and I like to do crafts.  T'mika and Melody have mostly tutorials on their videos, but I am always eager to try their projects or technics.
What is the significance of keeping a journal? And How Should I write it?
Journaling helps you learn about yourself and you view the world.  I keep in my MS Word journal things such as how I am feeling, things that happened that day, current events (that is how I started my writing blog), inspirational words and phrases, and projects I want to work on.
Journaling is how I came up with the idea of my present business (P. Lynne Designs), how I envisioned it, and what I want customers to get out of it.  I talk about my struggles and my successes. (Both personal and business).  I put my wishes, prayers, and dreams in my journal as well as my wishes, prayers, and dreams for my family and friends.
What I love about journaling is no one is there to judge you, because you are in your own little world.  If there is a disagreement, it is between me, myself, and I, unless I ask someone to read what I wrote, and I very rarely do that.
So in answering your second question, “How should you write it?”  Write your journal anyway you want to, with or without grammar mistakes (hey, I am not judging you).  These are things you are getting off your chest and remembering.  I wish you the best of luck with your journal.  I hope you have it for many years to come.
That last question, I will dive in more detail on the last topic about journaling on this blog at another time.
So what do answering questions have to do with your writing?
It does several things:

1.        It helps you think.  Most of us in the society called “being human”, think about only the things, ideas, and topics that surround us.  This is our nature, but there is something wrong with this picture.  It does not allow us to do this second thing:
2.      Open our minds.  Everyone has an opinion, and with Quora, there are no right or wrong answers (to a point).  Most of the question on this site allows you to give an opinion to something (what are your favorite You Tubers?  How should I write my journal?) There are some questions that are silly to questions like “why are 99% of opinions towards Donald Trump are negative?”  I answered that question. 
3.      You get to show your expertness on a topic.  You can create a short sentence bio at the end when you submit your answer.  On the subject of Epcot, I put “I am a fan, and I am planning my vacation.”  Not much of a bio, but it works.

You do not receive money for it, but you could mention it on your writing resume (you do have one of those, right?).  If you don’t, no worries.  You can always find examples online.  I would show you mine, but I need to revise it since I have been doing a lot of writing lately.

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