Thursday, June 16, 2016

Random post: claiming Bloglovin
I did a boo-boo.  The only reason for writing this post today is followers.  I screwed up Bloglovin.  What is Blogloving?  For those of you not familiar with the site or what it does.  Blovlovin to me is like a newspaper for bloggers.  Bloggers write a post as normal on their blog.  Simple, right?  what happens next is more or less behind the scenes work.  A code in HTML sends a copy of this blog post to Bloglovin's website, and it allows readers to read this blog.  You do not have to go to that person's website, in order to read that blog post.
Does it work?  Sure it does, or Bloglovin would have shut down by now.  It does not take much to close a website these days.  The whole point of this website in the first place is to streamline your reading.  
How do I go about getting new readers for my blog?
Well, first thing is you need a blog.  It does not have to be an exiting blog, although, it would not hurt.  You do not need a ton of followers (readers) either.  Next, sign up for an account.  Go to www.bloglovin,com and sign up.  It is free, and it is free to list your blog.  This next part is a little technical, but easy.  Once approved, you want to go to claim your blog.   (sorry for the lack of photos, as I am in a hurry, and I want to reclaim this blog.) So you go to:

  •         Search for your blog's URL
  •         Highlight it
  •         and hit Claim It 

What will come up is a HTML string, and you copy it.  Next, write a new blog post.  You only have to do it once, not every time you write a blog post.  You would do that in you blog program, and do not worry, WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr all allow it.  One thing:  before you write anything, make sure you turm on your blog's HTML writer, and paste the code FIRST.  Now you are ready to write you blog post.  Write something random like I am doing, or write your planned post.   Now hit publish on your platform.
 It is easy, fast, and takes no longer than to write a blog post.  Just some techie stuff.
Well, I need to publish this, and I will catch you next time.  Oh and subscribe to this blog, while you are at it.  You can subscribe to other blogs through Bloglovin.

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