Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It is all about connections

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Lately, I have been writing about a lot of little things when it comes to blogging or writing in general.  Sometimes, it is not just about writing about what you know, your passion, and getting your point across, it is about other things as well.  This is the reason why I talk about knowing your self-worth, copyrighted materials, and other things in this blog.  I read posts just like you that talk about things, such as being constant, gaining traffic, and being authentic, but it does not matter if you do not have the little things, such as the next topic I am going to mention.
A connection is an action between two or more people, where there is an invitation from one person to ask another person to see what they have to say.  The connection comes when the other person is interested in what the first person has to say.  In most cases, it is called networking.   For example, a salesperson may talk about a new computer system that will revolutionize the world.  You have heard of these people.  They have the ultimate solution to the world’s computer problems.  OK, I disgrace, but the point is they want to sell to you the idea that your present computer is not going to work for problems you are currently are having at the moment.  It could be storage problems, memory issues, or printing issues, but they have a solution.  If another person is happy with their present computer, they will move on and not stop to look at the computer system.  Say that you are looking for a new computer.  You may stop to hear the presentation.  As you listen, the seller may mention that the external hard drive has 5 TB of storage, with plenty of room to grow.  You are looking for that type of computer, so you listen further.  Now that salesperson has made a connection with you.  As you listen more and more to the presentation, the salesperson may mention some other things that you have not thought about needing in your potential new computer (they have not sold you on purchasing it yet), but the more you hear the sales pitch, the more draw in you are.  Now, you are trying to figure out how to fit this product into your budget.  Once you do that, now you are trying to see how to get it home, and into your life.
Now, let’s translate this into a blog post.  I do not care if you ever talk to another person face to face ever again.  When you are writing, you are writing to make a connection with others.  You are like that computer salesperson, only you are selling the idea of getting readers.  Everyone is looking for something, and it is your job as a blog writer to sell them on the idea that they need what you are writing about.  The only difference is you may not see that connection, but it is there.  It shows up as page views, clicking on ads inside your blog, and comments.
Let’s look at this same concept of selling a new computer.  As a blog writer, you first of all need to know a thing or two about computers.  This includes what works in the technology world.  In order to talk (sell) a person into needing a 5 TB external hard drive, you need to make a connection, and the first thing is to provide great information.  You may talk about what happens when you have an external hard drive vs. having a 1TB internal hard drive that most computers come with.  You may even write about how many photos the hard drive will hold, and the security you will get when it is not hooked up to the computer. 
The point is when that when a reader likes it so much, they will share the article with others on social media.  This is how connections are made, and this is one of the ways you can gain traffic on your blog, because, If they are like me, they will click on another older post to see what else you have to say on computers.  This is why experts say to have great content because not so great content can also have a negative impact on your blog as well.

Once you have made the connection through your blog post writings, you can move on to other areas, such as creating an e-book and videos, or even webinars.  By that time, you would have mastered the art of making a connection, because, you will know what it takes to make that initial connection with your readers to gain new ones.

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