Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tablet wars: Time for an upgrade…

assorted tablets (c) Goggle files 
I have an Ipad 2.  I love this tablet.  I think it is the bomb, but lately, it has been acting like a bomb.  Why?  Well, even though I have only had it for 2 years, it is considered in the tech world, old.  Since the time my father gifted me this computer (folks, it is a computer), Apple has come out with the Ipad 3, 4, Ipad Air 1 and 2, and the Ipad mini 1 and 2.  In addition to the Apple tablet products, Android has come out with some tablets, as well as Windows. 
Now one would argue that I should get a tablet that matches my smartphone.  OK, I have a Samsung Galaxy S III phone, and when I upgrade this year, it will most likely be another Samsung phone, because I just looove this phone.  I did not get an Iphone, because to me, that is overkill, and as long as my phone can sync with the Ipad, that can sync with my Dell All in One Desktop computer (yes, I said DESKTOP), I am good.  I am not one of those people who needs all of my electronic gadgets become one product.   After all, I got my first desktop when I was 16 (graduated from high school in 1982).  A desktop was all you had, and you had to program the darn thing yourself to even type a letter.   OK, I am dating myself, so let’s move on.
The current Ipad is 16GB, which is not that big.  I need the next size up, which I believe is the 32GB.  The reason why I am taking some time to make a decision, is my budget.  I know it has to be done THIS YEAR.  When I received my Ipad, I thought that I would just use it to do some reading, a little game playing, and looking up something on Google when my desktop is occupied with the bigger programs (MS Office, viewing email, and so forth).  I could have been wrong in my assumption.  I use my tablet for almost all business functions, when I am at my parent’s house (you do not dare touch dad’s computer, LOL), then there are my favorite apps (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, Netflix, and Audible) that I cannot live without.  I also use the MS Office apps on my Ipad (yes Office lovers, there is finally an app for that, and Microsoft listened).   Do not forget the games.  I had already maxed out my storage once, and ad to clear out some things, and now I am nearing that crucial mark again. 

So, back to the decision-making…I can always go with the Ipad 4, BUT, the Apple Air 2 sounds so nice.  Mini Ipad 2 gives me the small screen, and is perfect for the big purse I use to carry the current one in, but then there is always Windows Surface 3, if I want to get rid of the IOS software altogether.  The only problem is I have a Cricut Explore Electronic Die Cutting Machine, which only uses IOS software for me to connect with if I want to design, and have it cut while I am upstairs.  Again, so many choices, but who knows.  I forgot to mention the Kindle Fire.
 I may just end up with a laptop, or just jump ship. 

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