Friday, June 26, 2015

Judgement of others (my commentary of the last few days)

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“I do not friend a person, just because we are like-minded. I friend a person because they are unique and may show me something different then the way I am thinking. I want to show them that uniqueness in me too. I am Christian, but not all Christians speak for me. I do not judge, because Jesus said not to judge, because I do not know what plans God has for that individual or that group. I find this as a test for me and MY tolerance on how the world works. I am there for anyone who wants to bend my ear. I know my beliefs, and no one can take that away from that. I will never "thump the bible" at an individual, nor unfriend a person, because of their journey. We all have something to learn from all of this, from Trayvon Martin to health care to this passing of Gay Marriage Supreme court. Sorry I am a bit long-winded. In this life, we all have journeys, and it is no my say what another person's is, unless they are in the process of hurting themselves or others. Hmm, I think I will write this in a blog post, but you see what I mean”
A person on Facebook unfriended one of my Facebook friends.  The reason:  because of her views on today’s ruling.  In case you live outside the United States, today was a very big day in the LGBT community.  They can now get married in all 50 states of the country.  Everyone is going crazy, and many Christians do not like it.  I do not like it, but who am I to judge? 
I do not have the authority to judge anyone.  Only God can make that judgement, and that will happen when we die and we stand before Him.  This is my belief, no one has that right to take that away from me, no more than I have that right to take away a right from anyone who wishes to get married, and the law of the land deems it so. 
I can comment, but please do not make the mistake of my comments as being judgmental, because it is not.  We all have our own opinions on how the world should run on our own terms.  For some, it is based on gender.  Remember the phase, “A woman’s place is in the kitchen?”  It was no doubt quoted by a man, who went by his strict bible teachings, that he is the head and ruler of his household, and the bible does speak on that, but this is a new day and time.  For another group, it is based on race.  This is through hatred of others, feeling superior to them, and the bible does speak against that hatred, and that we are to “love one another as Christ has us to love.”  It has nothing to do with “succeeding” or anything else except for that person to say, “I have a power so strong that my ways are the right ways.”  To that, I want to say, “Since when?” I also want to know when do you have the power to keep people from doing what you think is natural law, and I want to know what is your brand of natural law?  In fact, if you think that it is natural for a person, I do not care what color or gender you are, to oppress another culture, race, gender, or belief?  If so, WHO ARE YOU?  DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BIGGER THAN GOD ALMIGHTY?   If so, then in my eyes, that is pure evil at its best, and I do not want no part of it.  I believe in love, God is love, and God, through his word said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.  If you believe that killing those 9 people in Charleston, SC last Wednesday was the best thing that ever happened in this country in a long time, then your way thinking is no better than the person who did the actual killing. 
I choose to forgive, because if not, then my soul will not rest.  I choose to forgive any oppressors, because forgiveness works.  I choose to not protest, because sometimes protesting can turn out bad.  I choose to live my life the way God has me to live my life, because it works for when I stand before Him.  I do not like conflict and I do not like drama.  For all of this that has happened, it serves as a wake-up call for me, because the world is busy, and the world is so judgmental.
Stand up for your beliefs, especially those beliefs that are for good.  Please do not judge, because you do not know that person’s process through their journey called life.  Everyone has a journey, a quest, a task in life, however and whatever you want to call it.  Let God deal with it and that person.  He has a plan for everyone, rather you believe it or not.  You deal with yours. 

This goes for your children, if you have any.  Your task as a parent is to get your child through the first 18 years of their life.  To teach and to nurture them.  You are to help them hone in their belief system.  In other words, you are the building block for your child.  You can also learn from your child as well.   No one is born hating another race, gender, or lifestyle.  So if your child wants to be friends with someone from another race, for example, and you have a profound hatred towards that race, let your child teach you how to love enough to at least respect that person’s differences and way of life.  You do not have to invite them over for dinner, but do not go into their neighborhood and start a hate war either.  There is room for all of us, if you let it. 

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