Sunday, March 9, 2014

Vacation time in San Antonio

Hello from San Antonio, Texas.  I am here for 4 days that actually started Thursday, March 6, and I am leaving to go back home Monday.  I will not be giving any particulars about the trip on this blog, however, I will have that on my travel blog, Traveling to the Mouse's House. (Sorry, IPad does no allow me to do back links).
All will say is I went with my church group, including my mom and my pastor to a women's conference, and I had a blast.  I found out a few things along the way.
 1.  Plan for backup.  Friday was our free day, and my mom and I have a cousin who also lives in San Antonio, so we have a saying in our family, which is, "do not come into town and do not stop by." We flew in, so she came and got us.  I wanted to go with the others down by the Riverwalk, but I had figured out that our cousin would be upset at me if I did, so I suffered the inconvenience, and went with my mother and cousin.
2.  Do for yourself.  That evening, the original plan was To go a popular eating place called Papadeux (San Antonioans, sorry I botched up the spelling of that name, I know it is French).  Anyway, it was a two-hour waiting period, and some of us were starving.  Everyone got their own, but did not invite me and my mom to eat.  No, take that back., mommy did not want to impose, so we ordered in.  The hotel's food was not the best, but we ate it anyway.
3. Saturday was wonderful.  We learned about our bodies getting older.  (I do not need the older info as much, but I will the big 5-0 in July, so I might as well plan for it now.). I found out that a lot of bad habits can be undo by just exercising and eating healthy, two of the things that I have not been doing well.  A few weeks ago, I had bought Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs, but I had not started it yet, because I knew I was going to be on this trip, and I did not want to stop it once I got started.  Guess what I am going to be doing Tuesday?  If You guessed Shaun T, you got it right.  I also found out that a lot of pharm companies have talked Americans in thinking that they need all of these meds and synthetic vitamins.  Do not take my word for it, look it up yourself, consult your doctor before trying it.   I have more where that comes from, such as God has made you uniquely, so do not spend thousands of dollars trying to change your looks.  Again, I challenge you to search yourself.
4.  Finally, have fun.  Dispite Southwest Airlines messing up my luggage (filing a claim when I get home), a stopped up sink when we got into our room, high priced dips that did not taste good, and the wrong size vehicle to carry 11 Columbusites back and forth to where they need to go. (Nothing beats being 49.5 years old, the youngest in a van, full of middle-age to elderly women, praying and hoping that a SA cop does not pull you over for having more than the legal limit of passengers in a van with the sounds of Kool and The Gang blasting away.). By the way, no one was drunk in the van, just 10 old women and a baby (me) being silly.
If you cannot laugh at the moments in your life, you are not having fun.  Tomorrow, it is church, and yes, we will be riding legal, and then go down to the Quarry Market after that.  Monday, we will check out of our rooms, and bid a fond farewell to the Lonestar State of Texas, and say hello, to the Buckeye State of Ohio, and remember the friends we made here.   I hope visit one day again.
(Please Note: This is my first time in Texas, but it will not be my last).  Cross that one off the bucket list.

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