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Friday’s Writing prompt: Working with or without others in my generation.

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Today, I am doing a double prompt.  I just wanted to warn you that it could get quite long, so if long posts are not your thing, I apologize ahead of time.  One of the things I have allotted myself to be part of, is two sites that have writing prompts, BlogHer and SITS Girls.  My reason is quite simply, “in case I do not feel the love from the other prompt for the day” .  Let me clarify that, because at the moment it is only making sense to me, the writer.  In other words, I go to my writing prompt book, where I have save the month’s prompts from both websites, and look at the prompt for the day.  If I do not like the prompt, I will not write about that topic, so I will write from the other one.  But what if I do not like the other one as well?   I will just simply write from the heart.   I will do a follow-up to what that truly means to me at another time.   For now, let’s get on with the topics.  (Yes, you read me right, topics.)
Do I work well with others or by myself?
That is a tough one.  I do both.  There are times where I absolutely love working with other people, while at times I just want to be by myself, and work that way.   You know, there was a time, where I worked in an office or a store with other people.  It is called working a traditional job.  In fact, I never really considered going self-employed, until it hit me in the face 5 years ago.  (More like 14 years ago.)  I love working with other people.
The reason why I love working with people is education.  You can really learn about the person you are working with when you are bored or have a little down time.  You can also learn from them as well.  That education comes from things such as shortcuts on how to do a job better and smarter, where are the best places are to eat at around your work place, and what the supervisor likes and they do not like, unless that person just hates the pants off of you the moment you hit the door day one.  
What I love about working by myself, even in a traditional work setting, is having one’s own thoughts, taking the time to be careful not to make mistakes, and not having a person breathing down your neck, making sure that you do the job you were giving.  If there is a deadline, you do not have people interrupting you, and asking you how close you are to making that deadline.  You can get into a zone and before you know it, you have plenty of time to relax, because you have made the deadline ahead of schedule.
This leads me to why I do not like working with people.  There are some people who, lol, can I say they just don’t get it?  You tell them a thousand times what to do, and they come back and ask the same question.  When they finally get the instructions right, they still do it wrong, and you end up doing the whole project by yourself anyway.  If you work with a supervisor, sometimes they refuse to hear your ideas, because they have it all figured out, and they remind you the reason why they are over the project and not you.   They will even tell you that if you do not like it, you can ask to leave the project, but then you can be fired.
What I hate about working alone is I do not have anyone to bounce ideas off to except the client.  I do not get to hear the “you can go about it this way” idea that could lead to the same conclusion.  True, I can always learn from my mistakes if I have to repeat the same project, or apply the same techniques with a different project, but it helps when there are things that I want to do, and have someone help me with that accountability check.  Which brings me to the ability to talk to someone every once in a while.  Not someone who runs their mouth every 2 minutes, but someone, again, to bounce ideas off to. (Question:  How do these people ever get any work done?  I’m just saying)
So there you have it…On to the next topic, what I love about my generation….
I was born 7 months after President Kennedy was killed, 4 years old when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed, witness the birth of Sesame Street at age 5, and the birth of the personal computer in the home at age 12(1977).   If you were born in 1964, that was me in a nutshell as far as major events go.  That is one of the things I love about being born in this generation.  We are not too old nor too young, we are just right.   I enjoy the old fashion way of communication, but at the same time, I love social media and the internet.   I do not like that a person sits across the table from the person you are texting to, when you just simply open your mouth to ask a question.  While these things are great, we, as people do not communicate like we should, and that is what I do not about the younger generation.   As each generation gets older, the more they do not communicate.  
It was nice to have the music that was music when I was in my 20’s.  Now, there are songs out there that I have no idea what they are singing about.   If I find a good song that I love, I am going to put it in my playlist.  I am careful to what that song is about.  It is getting harder and harder to do that.   I do not like the words, “Shorty” (girl), “Bitch” (a nasty, opinionated woman as oppose to being a female dog), “Ho” (an abbreviated version of “whore”), which I do not either version of the word, and “Skank” (no comment).  These are all demeaning words of a beautiful gender of people, a woman, and I do not think that anyone would want to be called that, but that is what these kids are listening to in this “so called” music.
We were the last generation to be taught how to respectful of others, especially our elders.  I never talked back to my parents and if I did, I knew what was coming to me.  My parents never hit me just to be hitting me, but I got a little tap on the butt as a reminder, and I only received one or two of them.   We were taught to respect God, learned how to worship Him and His Son.  I am not saying that these generations who came after mine doesn’t do that, but it seems to me that the majority are screaming, “What about my rights to do what I want?” Not, “what do I need to do to get by in this thing called life.”
I would have to say that it was not all great for our generation.  Our first disaster that we were all conscience of was the Savings and Loans problem, next was the Challenger explosion.  I was too little to remember when Dr. King and Robert Kennedy was killed.  I had to look up when the Savings and Loans crisis took place.  The first one I remember was Challenger, and I was in my early 20’s when that happened.  I remember I was watching Young and the Restless when that happened. (I was off from classes that day).   I was in my teens during the Disco era (I was in 7th grade so really a pre-teen).

I could go on and on about my generation but I am up to 1368 words at this point so, I will shut it off now.   Have a blessed day, and comment below about ether one of these subjects.  

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