Monday, March 3, 2014

My parents are so cute….

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People often talk about how cute babies and children when they are engage into something for the very first time, having a sense of wonderment, and looking at you for reinsurance.  Their eyes light up because they have a accomplish something that they have never done in their short little lives.  At least that what I see when I observe my nephews and niece, as well as my friend’s two year old son.
Seniors do not have that same excitement.   Technology especially scares them to death, and sometimes, if you watch closely, they are not sure of what they are doing.
Take for instance, today (well Sunday where I live), my dad was watching CNN, and he had heard about this documentary about Egyptians called The Square.  I am not sure what it was all about, but he wanted to watch it, so he asked me about where to find it….Look it up.   OK, first of all, he has the same type smartphone I have, which is a Samsung Galaxy S3, but I looked anyway, because that is what you do when you were raised to almost stop what you are doing, and help your parent.   So, I found out that you can get it on Netflix.   I told my dad about it, and he said, “Good, can I get it on my television?”   I do a double check, because due to cutting back, I cancelled my Netflix account a couple years ago, I was not familiar with the new policies.  I told him that he could get it on his television, but he needed one of those desktop DVCR boxes.   “Can I get it on WOW?” he asked.   I explained that it depended on if WOW had it on Pay per view or On Demand.  So, he calls customer service, and he was searching at the same time.   Dad was getting frustrated with the many channels that was the television, so he had me look up, while he sat waiting on hold, and then he started fussing that he watches the news and sports, and he and mom did not need all of those channels.  He was right, because unless me or my siblings come over, that is all they watch, in addition to old movies, CBS soaps and Christian channels for mommy.
Another part of my Sunday had to do with how playful my parents still are with each other.   Daddy likes to pick, and I listened to the two of them.   Mommy told dad that he was being a pain in the neck, and he said, “Patti, you see how your mom is treating me?”  “She said that I was a pain in the neck,” after 62 years (52 of them in marriage, and 10 years dating).  I guess so, dad likes to frustrate people out of fun.  I had to really chuckle later on when they were sitting on the couch, and he started picking at her hand.   They were being cute.

So folks, the moral of my Sunday was this:  In the mist of celeb couples like Robin Thicke and Paula Patton splitting up, and others no longer seeing each other, I can always count on cute couples, like my parents, Sidney and Nellie Logan.   Let everyone say, “Awww.”

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