Thursday, February 6, 2014

My top 5 Favorite Books

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This month, I will be using a lot of writing prompts, and even come up with a few of my own.  I have not done February 1-5 because of other obligations I had, and that’s OK. I have also gone back to writing for others as well, so if you do not see a post from me of some kind, I am doing just that, writing for other people.  After this post, I will give you some tips on when and why you should be writing for others.  You will be surprised at some of my answers.  Now on to my favorite books (top 5)
Top 5 favorite books
These books that I like are in no particular order, and it may not be a specific title, but a type of book.  I just wanted to warn you of that fact before you read the list.

The Bible.  I am a very spiritual, yet inspirational person, and I turn to the bible for life lessons.  I am a Christian, and I will tell anyone of that fact, but I am not a judging Christian.  This means I am not going to tell you what you are doing wrong.  I am going to tell you what I do not like what is happening in your life.   This means I am not going tell you what you should wear, dress, or act, because I feel that order to lead others to Christ, you have to do just that, and not judge a person.  I have not walked in your shoes and you have not walked in mine.  If I have been in your situation, I will tell you how I handled it, and where you can go to find that help.  Mostly everything that I have been through, I have pick up the bible for the answers, because even though it happened to a person over 2000+ years ago, there is still some good lessons to learn from it.
The Wizard of Oz.  I often feel like Dorothy in this book and I know that when times are tough, you can go home again, because there is no place like it in the whole wide world, except heaven.  Keep in mind young people, if you ever decide to read anything after you see the movie, like The Wizard of Oz, it is different.   I had to learn that often producers do not go by the book, because the scene adaptation maybe more disturbing than the book, so they change things.  The Wizard of OZ is one of those escape books.
Romance novels.  Yes, I am one of those women who sucker herself into a good romance novel.  I love being the heroine of the book, and throw myself into the one who is being seduced.  I love especially the African American ones.  
How-to books.  Need to fix your faulty hard drive? There’s a book for that.  Learning how to write a business plan?  There’s a book for that.   ¿Necesita ayuda con el español para ese viaje a España? (Need help with Spanish for that trip to Spain?) Hay un libro para. (There’s a book for that). Anything that I want to find out about, I read a how-to book.
Craft and Travel books.  I lump these together, because they are the most read of the how to books.   I scrapbook, make cards, and try other crafts.   I am also a Disney fan and I love to travel to different places.   I also do not use these books in the manner that most people use them, which is to how to do something such as how to make a travel scrapbook page or how to get a Fastpass to Soaring at Epcot, because I know how.  I use them to get new ideas on a subject I am familiar with.  I used to treat dance books the same way.  I know how to dance, but maybe an expert might give me a new technic on how to do a Shuffle-Ball-Change in tap that is easier on the joints.  I also use these type of books to give my readers pointers inside pointers, because I cannot get out to the Disney Parks as often.  I live in Ohio, which is a 15-hour drive to Orlando, Florida, or a plane ride to Anaheim, Ca.

So there you have it, my top 5.  By the way, I like both print and e-books.   Be blessing my friend, because you are smart, and you can read.

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