Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My second thoughts

Hello, it has been a good week since I share a blog post with you.  Personally, things are going great, on the business side, not so much.  If you have found yourself here for whatever reason, please take time out to visit my other blogs to find the blog for you.


You may notice that there are no more green lines on certain words.  I decided, and my business coach agreed that I do not have enough traffic to justify having it.  This is the blog tip I am giving you today:  If you are just starting out, make sure you have a good following before starting any ad program   I do not have a magic number for you, but most programs want to you have at least 500 followers.   Why?  I do not know the answer to that either, but I was an advertiser, I would want to make sure that you are not exaggeration the numbers just  so you can get me to advertise on your blog.  Also, it is a good idea to find a business coach.  You may not want to monetize your blog now, but it is a good idea to think about down the road.  It is a good source of income.

Changes down the road.

I am working behind the scenes to create a blog/website on WordPress, and made a decision.   Although I love writing in this blog, I may merge it with MDN Creates, which is getting a name change to P.Lynne Designs.   The reason is I currently have 5 blogs, which get attention about once a week.  I want to do more, but in order to do more, it requires that I change platforms.   I have a Tumblr account, but I have not familiarized myself to the point of not build on that one page blog I created (I don't remember the name either).   Do not worry, I have not made a final decision yet, but I will keep you updated with the details.

How to spread the Gospel on social media.

Ok, this past weekend, I went to a leadership workshop.  I am secretary of my church's admin council, so I wanted to get some training in.  I am under the United Methodist denomination of the Protestant church, but this applies rather you are Baptist, Methodist, Church of God in Christ, non-denominational, Jewish or Roman Catholic.  Anyone can do this, no matter what.  I know you are saying that social media is full of filth, hatred, and self loathing, but here me out for a moment.  If you read your bible, one of the things it tells us to do, is to take the gospel to the people, and not necessary the other way around.  Sure, you expect the masses to come visit your church or temple, but what if there is something that blocks them from making this step forward.  Maybe they are scared and unsure.  That is ok, we need to assure them that is OK, to take that step, and that change is not overnight.   How?   It is simply.
I had a good leader in Pastor Dan Metzger Saturday for the one hour section I attended on how my church can get going on this.  It is as simply as posting, "had a good time at church, Sunday, my pastor brought a good message."  You can post this simply message on both Facebook and Twitter.  Post an event that you are having, with the option of no pressure.  You are not here to hammer the Word down their throats, just mention that you had a great time.  Open up a Foursquare account, and when you are at church, check in.  Become a mayor of this area.  If you do, people may want to come and see and check it out.   I believe everyplace is already set up, because Foursquare goes by the address set up by the postal service.  So your church is automatically in.  Post an instagram of what you are doing.  Be careful, because especially in the case of children, you do have to get permission from that parent, and if they do not want their child's photo on your church's website, blog, the social media, it can get ugly.   Better yet, do not take pictures of their faces, just the back of their heads or create a consent form.
Once a connection has been formed with that person or group of people, start sending private messages to them, sent an invite.   Work up to a face to face contact.  Last but not least, create a YouTube account and share what is going on with your church.  It is very simple, and requires either a phone or a table computer with a camera to start with and editing software.  You do not need a fancy camera, and YouTube is simply to use.  I have made a couple for my businesses.
I could go on and on about this, but I must stop and get ready for tonight's bible study.   See I can even post that little blurt. Just remember, no personal address are allowed, because bad people can sense an opportunity, and next thing you know, all of your stuff is gone, or worst.  Also remember, social media can be good, if you put good into it.  So do not feed into the other stuff and you will be fine.  In fact, I started a few months ago unfriending (or stop following for those of you who do not understand the lingo), who do too much cursing, and basically have a lot of negativism in their hearts.   I know it is hard, because we are supposed to minister to everyone, but I also have my standards, but the few I unfriended, they were bringing me down.  I still keep a few around, just in case they need that push.
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