Monday, January 28, 2013

small house and condos...Help me understand

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I have been watching a lot of You Tube videos of people who live in small houses and condos.  I currently live in a 2-bed, 1 1/2 bath condo, and even though this space is supposed to be everything that I would need in space, it is not.  I really would like to graduate to a three-bed home with a nice kitchen and craft room, and here is why.  I work out of my home, and would love to have a dedicated office, where I can shut the doors (walk out the room) at the end of the day, and transition to things more personal as opposed to business.  I would love to have a place for my potential little occupant, other wise known as a child, to have a place to sleep.   I love to spread out when I cook and I want a place to craft.   But the small apartments and condos I am talking about are smaller than the one I have.
I have seen one that is no bigger than a regular size bedroom, another no bigger than a hallway (in fact it was a hallway in its heyday), and one that was a former school bus (I am not kidding, a SCHOOL BUS).  Some of people occupying the spaces are single, while some are married, and I even seen a couple who had a couple of children in the spaces.   What these people all had in common were the items in the space was very minimal, they were not previously poor and they were very, very happy about their choice.  This is not a post about being critical about where they choose to live or how uncomfortable I would feel in the space, which, BTW, I would.   This is a post to all the you tube commentators out there who are critical of us "Horders" out there, in big house/condo land.  (Because they may think what I have is too big)
Please do not get so high minded if we do not get rid of all our stuff like you did.  Everyone has to crawl before they can walk.  I am still trying to understand why a person wants to sleep on a bed that folds up into a couch everyday, but then I am thinking about the sofa sleepers my parents used to have.  Those sofa sleepers were very hard on the back and everything else for that matter.  Give us a chance, and maybe one day, you can convince us to live a minimalist lifestyle.  Sometimes we do think we have a lot of stuff, but old habits are hard to break.  I personally think what you are doing is beautiful for you.  I still have a desktop computer as a main computer, but it suits me for me.  You do things for you, and maybe we will come around.  If we do, great, if not, then great still.  I know it is the matter of leaving a carbon footprint, and to leave the planet in a better shape then when we first found it. Now I am speaking as a Christian; When Jesus comes back, it does not matter what this planet looks like, but yes, we will all answer to how well we took care of what God entrusted us with.  For the moment, I would rather recycle in a bigger place from where I currently live, and still take care of the Earth.  I believe that can be achieved.
So let agree on a few things:  I will not criticize where you live if you do the same.   Agreed.   Have a blessed day. 

P.S.  I am purging things, and my place now seems a little bigger, but I still want that third bedroom.
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