Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Give credit where credit is due

Some big-box retail stores are over-illuminated.
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This isn't what it sounds has been one of those days, where you feel like shutting the door, and letting the world do its thing.  It is a day where the moment something good comes in the morning, and 15 bad things happen in the evening.  

First things first:  I was awaken to someone wanting to order the Inaugural Basket.  She could not find it on my Longaberger website.  Good thing, I was getting a little worried if anyone was going to order anything this month.  So I got up, and started working.  I want more days like this, someone waking me up to order something.  A card, a scrapbook, a basket, or a piece of pottery.  Anything to help my quality of life, which is the business side of my life.  I want to touch on that for just a moment.
I am not understanding how I can spend a lot of time creating, promoting, showing, and talking about my businesses.  Giving the amount of care to my businesses.  This is part of my life, and just like the average person gets up to go to a job every day, reports to a boss who may or may not like them.  A job that does not pay much, or it may give that person exceedingly joy that they do not feel like they are working.  This is how I feel when I present my scrapbooking business or my Longaberger business to people.  I want to share with the world.  Yes, at the moment both paychecks suck, but this is where I come and try to show the public why it is important to preserve memories or why it is important to have a well-organized home or to own a business that you truly love. 
What I also do not understand is why so many people want to buy from a Sears, Target, or even Wal-Mart all the time?  Yes, they are reliable, but ask yourself, how many times you have needed something from an employee from these big box stores to get something for you?  It could be a price check, to see if an item is available for purchase, or to get a simply refund for a returned item.  I am not saying that big box stores are bad, but they have made it so that when someone has a small business, home business, or a simply “Mom and Pop” establishment, whatever you want to call it, people shy away from these places.  Let me tell you that these big businesses have all the people they need and more.  Small businesses have to work harder to achieve at least a 10th of what these other stores make in one day.  Think about that while I explain the rest of the day.
So, after getting my package ready to be mail out to my potential customer, I did other things, such as posting a tip on my Tricia’s Basket blog, which I saw on a Facebook group I just joined and calling my sister, who I guess is now in between jobs.  It is frigidly cold in Ohio, and our mom advised both of us not to leave our homes, even though my sis is having a nasty little battle with the apartment complex she is living at with her two children.  She is looking for another place to live, found a house with 3 bedrooms, which is around the corner from her bio dad.  After going around, and around about the situation of going out in the cold, she finally agreed with me to table looking at the house until it warms up to at least 40°F around here.  I have the car, she does not.  Next problem…
I had the television on HSN (Home shopping network), and it reminded me that I needed to update my credit card information, so I go inside my wallet, and get all the necessary info to update it, and I cannot find the card.  The last time I had it was in a McDonald’s drive-in, and I knew she had to hand me back the card with the receipt.   It is too darn cold for me to run back and forth, trying to see if I accidently dropped it in my car, which is in my attached garage.  So I borrowed money from mom to do a couple of things, including a business item I needed to take care of.  These are some of the things that are my responsibility, not my parents.  That is why it is so important that I have people to purchase from me, read my blogs, and other things. 
I understand there is a crisis in this country, but the crisis isn't so great that people cannot make purchases on greeting cards, for example.  I have them on hand to ship out to people who need one.   They are also cheaper than Hallmark or American Greetings, and they can be made to order.  How many card companies can say that?  What about hats?  I know of several people who could use an order or two.  Jewelry?  Again I know several people who sell or can make their own jewelry, and one of them goes to my church.  We are all passionate about our work and we are very proud of that work.   How many Wal-Mart employees can say that about the company?
Have a blessed evening and a good and blessed week.  After all, it is Hump Day. 
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