Friday, August 3, 2012

Really people is this necessary? Just celebrate the moment and leave it at that.

I am often amazed at the talents that people have.  Just when you cannot take the human body any further, out pops a little bundle of energy that make you proud to be an American.   Such as the case with the London 2012 Summer Olympics.  I have my favorite events, and I root for USA, and I hold out for the unexpected.   So what was the expected:
Someone to win gold, someone to win silver, and someone who has worked so hard to get to these games until they either reach it, or just get by.  I love gymnastics.  I have enjoyed watching the women's, but with the Beijing Olympics and now the London Games, I have also enjoyed the men's as well.   I have been keeping my eye on swimming and Michael Phelps as well.  Now for the unexpected... I want to focus for a moment on the women's gymnastics team and a little complaint I read just briefly.  The "Fab Five" as they are being called was truly amazing, and they have not let winning the gold go to their heads (at least not yet anyway.)  Before that time, the "Magnificent Seven", which consisted of Kerry Suggs, Dominique Dawes, Mary Lou Retton, and a a couple others had been the talk for some time (I guess it does not matter about the team that Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin was on since the team did not take the gold).  Anyway, they did great, and tonight was the women's all around.  Unless you decided to bury your head in the sand and did not hear the news, Gabrielle Christina Victoria Douglas, or Gabby for short won the Women's all-round, which is great.  She is the first African American woman to do it in a sport where very few of us have walked.  We should be proud of her, but there is one problem to that pride...her hair.   Why must we talk about her hair?  She just did something that over half of our race dares not to even tackle, and I see all these comments about her hair.   let me school you for a few moments about this problem:
Folks, she was in an arena where if you breathe wrong during a routine, there is a deduction.  Nothing is supposed to move during that time of sheer showmanship.  Plus you are hanging  in the air, and the last thing you want to do is to push hair out of the way, causing you to fall.   I have read comments from to "It does not look natural" to something that I would not dare repeat in this blog.  It is just that sad.  Maybe in another post I should remind all my "brothas" and "Sistahs" out there how our hair is different from other races, or perhaps you forgot after to put all that product in your heads.  So if you want my opinion on the subject, as a person who had to deal with the same thing while taking ballet, jazz, and tap lessons, the style was appropriate for what she was doing, which was going for the gold. End of subject.
So Gabby, if you happen to read this blog post within the next week or so, just remember you did great.  Congratulations on your win as well as the other members of  Team USA.  Do not worry about the haters for they hold envy in their hearts.  God has truly blessed you with your tumbling talents, and I hope you win a few more metals in your lifetime. Continue to do His will, and you Go Girl!!
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