Thursday, August 23, 2012

Follow-up to I'm not perfect...I want a reality show.

What do you think about this comment I posted on Yahoo!:

"Who is she again?  Did she make a record?  I am  not familiar with her song.  Did she model?  I am not familiar with her runway work.  What art piece has she created? Does she dance? Cause world peace? Anyone?  OK, I cannot think of a thing she did, and yet this wannabe famous person, whose only fame was up to the start of this fiasco of a reality show was being the daughter of famous lawyer who defended one of the dumbest car chases on a LA Freeway ever.   I am still trying to get a show.  I sing, I dance, and I can make a fool out if myself if I wanted to.  You known if it wasn't for OJ Simpson, no one would have even heard of the last name Kardashian, but then again, maybe,  She has no talent, and I do not see why she is making a fuss over something like polls.  Well, I am glad that I can help make her happy by replying to this post.  Kenye will some loving tonight.  What a joke.    Now let's go see if we can find some starving children out there."

This was in response to an article about Kanye West getting upset over his current girl friend, Kim Kardashian (no big whoop).  He said in the article that since they had been going together, she is not getting as many hits as she was getting before they started seeing each other.  Really?  I think that she is getting just as many hits as she was before they became an item.
This leads to question, what makes a good reality show?  It seems that every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Kim is able to grab a show, and with a few tweaks by the producers, you can have a hot mess that has everyone talking.
Take Dance Moms.   I wrote a article about the wicked dance teacher, her girls, and their moms 5 months ago.  Before that time, no one has ever heard of Abby Lee Miller, her dance studio, and the world of dance competition.  Do we even care that a dance studio owner pushes a group of elite dance students, and drives their moms to a world of calling each other a female dog, going to the bar at every competition venue, and fighting with guest dance moms (whose daughters (or sons) dance with the elite group only to fill a spot for a number), and rival dance studios (whose owner is just as back biting as Abby)?  Well, yes it does.  If it didn't, there would not season 2, 3, or a Dance Moms 2:  Miami.  (BTW, the second Dance Moms was not as popular as the first one is.)   Hey, if it got the attention of Derrick Hough of Dancing with the Stars, who tweeted how he does not like how Abby treats the girls, then it is rating material.
Now there is Craft Wars.   This show is a competition-type reality show, where crafters show off their handiwork by make things out of ordinary household items, like packing material, office supplies, and kitchen utensils.  Competition shows do not bother me.  You win cash prizes and build a name for yourself.   There have been competition reality shows since the beginning of television.   They are called game shows.   Survivor started the new type of competition.  Like all competition shows, there is an element of elimination at the of the day.  Tribal counsel, the panel of judges in a cooking or crafting competition, and the team who gets to a check point last can all cause an elimination on  these shows.
My point in all of this:  It looks like the housewives of whatever city, dance moms, ballet divas, army brats, would be designers, top models, crafters and the like are here to stay.  If you do not like it, that is fine too, but your television will be a glorified statue.  I am not suggesting that you watch a show, because there are plenty of police dramas, gory vampires, idiot nerds, and girly shows to go around.  If you do not like those shows, I heard there are some really good Christian programming on, or you can also take up a new hobby. In the meantime, if you hear of a show that is looking for a short, African American woman, who use to dance, currently scrapbooks, make cards, blogs, looking for new home, wants to adopt, and can use some extra cash, send them my way, and I will make my audition memorable.  After all, if you cannot beat them, join them.  I want a reality show, and I good for a few laughs.

Have a blessed day, everyday.
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