Thursday, August 23, 2012

I need Help!!! WordPress problems

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Here I am sitting here and it is after 1am EDST (Eastern Daylight Savings Time), and I have a problem that probably MOST people who are creating a website would have.   How do I get a page from appearing within itself?  It started a little like this:

I want a website for both MDN Creates and Tricia's Baskets (Longaberger).  Some people say that you need either a website or a blog, not both.  I say, Why not have both.  There are some things you can do on a blog that you cannot do on a website.  Websites are more static than blogs.  I am seeing where more and more websites have blogs attached to them.  At the present, there are links attaching both blogs by the same name as the websites to them, and they are under Blogger.  For the moment, that will not change.  This blog will also be attached to the website.   Why not WordPress? I am not sure, it sounded good at the moment, I know that WordPress can take my blog post from Blogger, and convert them.  I have several converted right now, I am just not typing on the blogs at the moment, until I am very familiar on the does and don'ts or WordPress blogging.  
Now I tried to get a friend of mine to teach me WordPress, but we never got together long enough for her to teach me.  I joined a WordPress Meetup group, but their meetings are during the times I cannot go.  I know, excuses, nothing but excuses.  I guess I want a little bit of a hand hold session where someone slaps my hand every time I touch a key that I should not be touching.  Sort of what i experienced when I was taking music lessons.  
So here is the deal:  If you or someone you know is experience in WordPress, lives in Central Ohio, and has lots of patience, let me know in the comments.  One day, I will have rocking websites, and I will be happy.
Good night, and be blessed everyday.
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