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How Rude! A Follow-up to Why Complain

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It is not too often that I do a companion piece to a previous post.  I have done series and very few follow-ups.  I can recall doing a piece on Abby Lee Miller, the dance instructor on Dance Moms-now turned jail occupant, then months later doing a follow-up piece on how she was fairing since I berated her on her quest of being Queen of Sheba dance teacher.  I am also currently doing an on-going series of lessons I am learning this year.  I have not written a lesson since Eastertime, so, it is time I write a new one (Coming soon).  So, doing a follow-up so soon (practically hours) after writing the original piece is something new and different.
If you have not read the post, Why Complain, a Social Media Epitope, I urge you to read it, especially if you are the type who finds something wrong with the way that social media (especially Facebook) is run.  If you have, may I put another “Monkey Wrench” in that piece?
My second biggest pet-peeve are Trolls.
In case you are not familiar with the term “internet troll”, it is a social media term, which means, “is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response.” (Wikipedia)
You could kind of say that this is my biggest pet-peeve from the above reason alone.  The reason I am following up on the last post involving “social media taboos”, as I like to call them, is I was reading on Facebook, and one of my Facebook friends was posting about a dinner that she thinks that her hubby and 12-year-old child would like.  I did not comment, but everyone but one said that they thought the family would love Tilapia.  The one, however, said, “Did you know that Tilapia contains Carbon Monoxide?” could you say that the person was a troll or stating their opinion?  By that definition quoted by Wikipedia, no, but it was rude of the person to mention that in the comments.  I have read worse comments, especially from people commenting on YouTube.
Now, before I can go on, I can say without a doubt that I have had my share of posting rude comments and having some posted to me.  That is what makes it so bad about it when you realized that your comment is going to start arguments, insight people, and so forth.  Here is my list of things I find upsetting:
1.      Words towards a group or race
First, what do you have to do with a culture, lifestyle, or race of people who you know nothing about?  If your only reason for reading a post is to upset that community, you are sadly mistaken.  They are not going to stop doing that act.  The proper phrase is, “Stay in your lane” if you do not have anything nice to say about a group of people.
2.      Using scripture to get your point across
This point is mainly aimed towards those Christians who like to provoke the hand of God on a group of people (The LGTBQ community) would suddenly make them stop.  In fact, it should be anyone’s business on how a person acts, unless it is harming another person, then, by all means, stop them.  Nope, it has not happened yet.  I am a Christian who likes to show people how to be a Christian than to “preach” to a person about their ways.  The way I show them is to not judge.  God is the only judge, and I am not worthy enough to do his job.  It is not my calling. So please, stop quoting Deuteronomy, or any other scripture for trolling purposes.  God does not like ugly.
3.       Calling an individual, a b**ch, and any other word you can think of. 
 Yes, I went there, and it is not nice when I posted it too. I do not curse on my posts, EVER, so this is the first and last time you will hear it from me. This is the worst kind of troll.  I have seen this a lot on YouTube. A person has worked hard on their video, making sure that they meet the basic requirements of YouTube. My requirement from you the viewer is Thumbs up or Thumbs down.  No comment is required.  Hate the video, fine, but no need to show the Youtuber and their followers that hate.  By the way, did you know that the Youtuber now has the control to approve your comment or not?  I should know because I have approved or disapproved some myself.  So, you may be commenting on deaf ears.
I could go on, but it is late. 
Takeaway Moment:  You may think that being a troll is cute or you are exercising your right to be heard.  We hear you loud and clear, trolls, and we read your comments too.  I have answered some troll’s comments too, like the one in Why Complain.  For the rest of us, there is a cute little button called a delete button on your laptop, desktop, or a virtual button on your tablet or phone.  Use it at will when you feel the urge to start an argument. No one likes a rude person in the real or virtual world.  Keep it real and stay in your lane whenever possible.  This is the only way you will get along in life.  For Christians, God has a rude awakening for those who disobey his commandments, don’t be that rude awaken yourself.  Try to make everyone online experience as smooth as possible, as well as your own.

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