Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy July, Happy 4th, and Happy birthday

(c) 2017 Mass Vacation
Welcome to July!  This is the first full month of summer and so much going on.  This is the only vacation month for teachers and students here in the United States.  (Unless, you need Summer School, then I cannot help you there.)  July was named for Julius C├Žser, a Roman General.  It was his birthday month. There are a lot of events that took place during this month.  If you are a follower of national holidays, today (July 3rd) it is
·         National Fried Clam Day, so hit up your local fish person, and fry some clams (Yum!)
·         National eat your beans day
·         National chocolate wafer day
For July 4th, it is
·         National Barbecued Spareribs day. It goes perfectly with…
·         National Caesar Salad day.  This also goes well with….
·         Independence Day.  Birthday of the United States.
Yes, for those of you who do not live in the country, we are celebrating a birthday, and it all starts with the food.   I am not sure what I will be eating since the food will be provided by my aunt and uncle. Saturday, I had steak and salad, and yesterday, I had salmon, salad, corn on the cob, and apple pie.  For those who have been following this blog, yes, I am watching what I eat, but I have not had any gout flare-ups in a while (February was the last big one). 
Next, comes the parades and the fireworks.  My nephew shot some for his little one, who was very delighted to see them.  Our big one comes tonight.  It is called Red, White, and Boom, and the event is being acclaimed to be the biggest in this country.  It is never done on the 4th, to give local nearby towns a chance to shoot off their fireworks.
Another birthday celebration
Our nation is not the only one celebrating a birthday this month.  I will be turning a year older.  I am proud to say that I will be 53.  I cannot say that being in my 50s has always been a joy.  It was not, as I struggle to turn 50.  I was upset that I was kicked out of anything that was considered, “Young Adult” because I felt like a young adult.  I still do, but I also found out that this club has been slightly extended to age 55, so, I have a while.  There really is no such thing as being middle aged.  I want to know what is that?  All it means for most people my age you are sandwiched between your adult children and your senior parents, that’s all.  You are as young as you feel, and I do not feel a day over 35. (although I do have reminders from my body a little too often.)
Most people have giveaways on their birthday month, if not the day (21st).  I am not sure what I will do.  Stayed turned.  It might be a surprise.
So, this is a very short post this morning (it’s 3:58 AM, the latest (or the earliest) post I have ever written on this blog.

Happy 4th to those of us living in the United States, happy first part of summer for the whole month of July (or Happy winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere). 

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