Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I am not making money as a blogger

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At least not yet.   Why?  Well, it is very simple, and I will explain in a moment.  I think blogging is a wonderful way to communicate what you want a person to know about information and content is what people crave.  It does not matter if you are reviewing a product, selling a product, or even talking about the latest trending in fashion.  People are hungry for information, but you have to present it in a way that gets their attention.  Once you have that reader’s ear, you have to present it in a way that will keep them clicking. 
So, back to the reason why I am not making money on my blogs.   I had a chance to analyze why, and keep in mind I read lots of articles to come to this conclusion, as well as I am my own worst critic, so here is the truth about Patricia’s blogs (That me).
1)      Consistency.  I have not been consistent in about a year or more.  I do not have a schedule, and I do not have a set of topics that I have set aside to talk about.  The experts tell you that consistency is the key to anything in life.  In this case, I am talking about my blogs.   When I initially started out in 2009, when the term blogging was just an infant, I wanted to post something every day.  Even if that mean telling the world that I was awake and ready to start my day.  It worked for a while…. A. whole. three. Months.  Then I changed my schedule, because, The family got in the way. 
2)      Time.  You know for a single woman with no kids and no husband/ Significate other, it seems that every time I looked around, I was busy take siblings, nephews, and nieces places.  When someone came to town, I was summoned  to my parent’s house to see relatives, who I have not seen in months.  Oh, do not judge me, I enjoyed it, but it took me away from something that could make money, especially after I left my demanding job as a customer service associate in a scrapbook store for working at home.  I finally got that under control, taught my sister to take the bus (actually insisted she take the bus), my nephew got his driver’s license, and I was a free woman.  Oops, not so fast.  My mom got sick, and now she drives less than she used to, but, she is getting back to driving herself sometimes, but she does not drive at night.  I love driving my mother, because, it gives us time to talk.  Plus, it is about time that I take her places.  My dad drives her sometimes as well.
3)      Lost topics.  As I explained earlier, I need to schedule topics.  I operate on the subject of “If it feels right, you will know it”.  I guess I am like the Prince or Michael Jackson of blog posts when it comes to writing.  If I do not feel like the time is right to present a blog post, I will not publish it. RIP to the both of you.
So, that comes to the subject of comments.  I did not put it on the list, because, this is something that I have not had much on my blogs.  I feel like I am not reaching someone when I do not see a comment.  I am not sure if I should continue writing about that subject or not.  On this blog, one of my biggest amount of comments I have received was on my piece about Dance Mom’s star, Abby Lee Miller.  I received a total of 20 comments.   That made me think I have struck a chord when I talked about how much I hated her teaching these kids dance.  I still watch the show, and still hate her teaching methods.  Other posts that I have received a lot of comments on were when I wished everyone a happy Ballet Day, and when I posted them on linked sites. 
On two of my blogs, I am in transitioning them over to WordPress.  You can go back to see those posts, because, I am still in transition with them.  I decided to keep this one on Blogger for now, until, I have finished doing so. 

I hope I can give you a little insight into this first part of why I am not making money with blogging.  There is a part 2 coming soon.

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