Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Go live under a rock

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Note:  This is my status on Facebook.  I am not apologizing for my opinions, because, the opinions of a certain group of people are the anti-teachings of Jesus.   Here goes.

I about to stick my foot in my mouth. I have been reading all these comments about #boycottTarget, and I have to say this: you might as well live in a cave and cut off communication from the world. I do not boycott, unless, it directly affects me. I do not care what a person does behind the wall of a stall in a bathroom. why? because I go in do my business, and unless a woman is screaming in agony. I check all stalls before I enter, and if something is not right, I leave, period.
When I was little, my mom went into the public bathroom with me.  She made sure that no one was there to harm me. She stayed there until I was finished, and we left together. If it was my brother, he went to the ladies’ bathroom, until he was old enough, then either my father went with him and stayed, or if he was with my mom, she stood at the entrance of the men's bathroom until he came out.
Jesus taught us all to love one another, that includes anyone who is different than us. Why should you care what a person's sexual orientation is in the first place? Are you being hit on by anyone who is in the LGBT community? if so, you have a mouth, tell them "no, you are not interested, just like you would tell a heterosexual.
What a person does behind closed doors is their business and theirs alone. STOP TRYING TO DO GOD'S JOB BY BOYCOTTING. Let God take care of those people. You do not want your children exposed to them. You would be surprised how many in the LGBT community your child is exposed to in the first place. If you want to boycott anyone, stop reading AFA articles. They are anti-tolerant of anyone different than them. I am not listening to them. in fact, I never listened to them, because they have articles that are not backed by God's Word, and sprouting off one bible verse does not make it Christian based.
So, this has turned into a mini blog post. unfriend me if you did not like what I said. if someone wants you in a perverted way, they do not need a law to prevent them from going into women's bathroom Just scream for security, or better yet, just leave if you feel unsafe.

I have nothing more to say about my views, and I did not say it to get a pat on the back from the LGBT community, or a “how dare you say that, because, you are a Christian” sneer.  We all have opinions, and it is our job to teach.   I am teaching you to tolerate and rather you turn this controversy into a teachable moment is up to you.  I still feel the same way about my views on homosexuality, but I also feel that I cannot tell them what they are doing is wrong or right.  They are not hitting on me, and I know better as a soon to be a mother and current aunty to teach any child what to do if a stranger approach them, who to get in contact with, and to tell me right away if something is not right with their current situation.  
I put the AFA on the same level as PETA.  They mean well but go way to far in their non-tolerance of people.  It is OK to have views, such as making people aware of cruelty to animals, and making bathrooms safe for women and children.  I am all for that, and much, much more.  I am also against cruelty towards Black people,Christians, and women, abuse of any form, equal education for all children at economic levels and cultures, equal housing, and equal pay for all.  The only thing you will not see me do ever is get in a protest line, because, I feel I can protest in other ways.  I like rallies, which is sort of like a protest, but, I think rallies are more peaceful than a full on, walking down the street, with a possibility of a can of tear gas in your face by the local law enforcement type of protest.

I would love to know what you think.  Has this #boycottTarget movement gone too far, just right, or you do not care either way?  I will not be offended, and no spamming, please.  

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