Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It’s all live: 365 (oops 366)-a new series

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I was inspired by my Blogmas 2015.  It had me thinking, why not keep it up?  No, I am not going to call it Blogmas 2016.  That is coming at the end of the year…. The Same month, December 2016.  I am going to be better about posting because it is a commitment.  However, do not be surprised if I skip the weekend, so it is not going to be a true 366-day writing commitment. 
Why am I doing this?
I had run out of ideas on how to present my blog.  I wanted to blog more in 2015, but life had gotten in the way.  I tried everything, and even though I have good views, I can have great views.  I was trying to build my audience.  Also, I saw this on YouTube (You Tube, tomato, to-mah-to, whatever, LOL).  Two YouTubers came to mind:  Tribe Tyler and Samika Vlogs.  Both of these YTubbers did videos each day for a year.  Both of them said that it helped them to become a better vlogger.  My hope is that I become a blogger. To date, my pageviews (the number of times my blog has been viewed) has been 40, 544 which is not bad, but I have not posted anything since December 31st.  I needed a vacay (vacation), plus I needed to give my left hand a rest. 
Other blog updates
For those who just seeing my blog, My Ambience Life for the first time, I technically have a total of 8 blogs on 4 different platforms:  Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and Triberr.   The blog names are:
·         My Ambience Life (MAL).  This is the one you are reading now.  It contains mostly how to write, writing tips, and my views of the world, which is the form I write in.  I am not a complete expert on the subject, and there are some things that I am still learning about writing myself, but together we can conquer this hobby/business.  This is where you will see this series, and I would love to see some comments, either in the blog post itself or from my Facebook page, My Ambience Life.  
·         Simply Organized Crafts (SOC).  So this is my lifestyles blog, and it has gone through so many changes.  It started out as an organization/coupon clipping/tips/family/hodge-podge blog.  OK, it was just ok.  I needed to gain some control, so it has left Blogger and I am in the process of placing some of the more popular posts on WordPress, hosted by Hostgator.  In addition to that, the coupon section has gone bye-bye, as well as the hodge-podge.  I have kept the organization because it was the most popular subject.  I also kept the tips and family, and will be adding Disney Travel.  More on that in a moment.
·         P. Lynne Designs (PLD).  This is my stationary business.  I started the blog in 2009 on Blogger and was my first blog.  I named it MDN Creates.  The initials MDN stood for Michael, Deonte, and Nine’na, my nephews and niece.  I have added two nephews (Sidney and Kijar) since I started, and I had to decide if I wanted to keep going down that route with the naming, LOL.  So, I changed the name to reflect on what I do.  I opened an Etsy shop a year later under the new name. It too has left Blogger, and I am also in the process of transferring popular posts over to the Blog/e-commerce site.  The Etsy shop is staying.  My plan is the have all the inner workings I had with my Blogger with an e-commerce shop.  That is all I am saying for the moment.
·         Tricia’s Baskets (TB).  I am also an Independent Longaberger Home Consultant.  This blog reflects that.  In case you are not familiar with Longaberger, the company is the maker of baskets and pottery, as well as the pieces that come with them (basket protectors, wrought Iron pieces, flatware, and other pieces).  I write posts on sales and organization, decoration, and entertainment ideas for the home.
·         Travel to the Mouse’s House (TTTMH). This is my Disney blog.  I thought that I would share a whole blog about planning a trip to Disney World and Disneyland.  I was going through my own planning for near perfect vacation for my family.  Problems on top of problems and that was getting 7 adults and 3 kids together.  Enough on that.  I had found solace in helping others with their own traveling problems, such as making reservations or joining a rewards program like the Disney Vacation Club.  When you live in a place like Ohio, which is a million miles away from Florida and California, you run out of ideas on how to approach it, so I officially close the blog.   Well, not really.  Until further notice, it is being merged into Simply Organized Crafts under the travel section.
There are others like I said, but I hardly access them, so I will not talk about them. 

Well, let this day set forth, and this blog is moving soon too.  Stay tuned. 

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