Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 2: What you like to write?

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What is writing?
This is the first official day of the series of who knows what.  First of all, I am going to be a little funny, and explain to you what is writing, Patricia style.
Writing is communication, period.  There is more to it than that, but the earliest writings were drawings on the walls of caves, showing that cavemen did learn how to communicate with each other.  The writing of numbers came before the writing of language because someone had to keep the records (Wikipedia).  From there, historians are not sure if the writing systems developed independently in Egypt around 3200 BC and China in 1200 BC, or if it was part of a cultural diffusion.
From there, the evolving characters became letters, numbers, and symbols.  A series of letters becomes words, a group of words becomes sentences, and a group of sentences becomes a paragraph.  From there, a story is formed.  It could be a story about how to make something, poetry, creative writing, dramatic writing, a narrative, or persuading you do or believe in something. 
Writing Styles
This leads me to ask you, my readers, what do you like to write or better yet, what is your writing style? For me, I like something like a documentary -style, or narrative.  I also like a creative style, but they are all styles that make a person think about the contents of the piece. With creative writing, I can go someplace in the back of my mind, and lose myself there. 
I love a good mystery, where I have to solve something and be surprised when the plot was not what I thought it was.  I love futuristic stories for the same reason.  I also know that I will never get to see a place, especially if it set in a time after I would have died.  It gives me a sense of that this world hopefully will go on without my presence in it.  Sadly, I have not tried to writing a mystery, a futuristic piece, or even a romantic piece, which I also love to read.
If you can tell by my posts, I write mostly persuasive posts.  These are also the type of posts to get you to think about something so real that you can taste it, but still be far removed from situation.  For example, you may be moved by the #Blacklivesmatter in the United States, but it does not affect you, because you are in London or Egypt.  You have your own problems in your own country, but my piece on the movement makes you think about the world.  I welcome your comments anyway.  How does a post make you feel when you read it, and you can turn it around to reflect what is going on in your little corner of the world?
So rather you are a writer or aspire to become a writer, and to note we are all writers, think about how you write.  Think about the style you seem to be drawn to when you write.  Even penning a letter to a boss, making a list of items, or creating a personal journal is a form of writing.  If you do handwriting, think about how your hand and pen becomes one instrument, flowing through the piece of paper, to form that letter or number, that word, that sentence, that paragraph, and finally that story.  Even if you type out your draft on a computer, table, or your smartphone, think about how your fingers hit the keys. Don’t forget to save a copy for you read later on in your life.  You will be surprised on how far you have grown in your writing.

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