Sunday, January 25, 2015

Renewing old habits

I am renewing something that I use to do.  It is a habit that I almost took up religiously.  I had a very distinct routine, and dare I miss one day of it.  The good news is that it was good for me, and I loved every minute of it.  You want to know what it is.   Well wait for it…wait for it…still waiting for it?


It is tap dancing.  Yes, if you have been following my blog for a while, you know I took ballet and jazz, but I am a tapper also.  I will not say used to, because once you are a tapper, it never leaves you.  The only problem is the last pair of tap shoes is a size 4 ½ and I am a 6-6 ½.  They tell you when you are fitted with tap shoes that your shoes need to be a half size bigger than your street shoe size.  I am sure that I will be comfortable wearing a size 6 ½ shoe size, because my feet are also narrow width, not average width.
Now you may be wondering why I decided to renew this habit.  Well for one thing, it is good exercise.  It increases the blood flow, and tap dancing is like running.  Once you get the combos together (and I thank the YouTube tappers for that), and your heart is racing.  At one point, I had an athletic heart, if you can call it that, because once you flap, shuffle, piddle-diddle, and wing yourself into shape, you heart rate is that of a runner.  I have developed high blood pressure since my last performance as a dancer (all three types) at Susie’s Dance Studio, I had to ask my doctor if it was ok, and of course she said yes.    I am just taking it in strive as I renew my habit. 
My first song I am dancing to is Uptown Funk by Mark Robinson, featuring Bruno Mars.  I could turn it into a jazz contemporary number as well.  I am not sure about it being a ballet number yet.  I am not auditioning to be on So You Think You Can Dance any time soon. There are no other dance competitions I can go to, and since Abby Lee Miller is not excepting adults, I think I will stay at home, unless I decide to try the exercise place in the next town that offers a class, which uses the ballet barre.

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