Saturday, January 31, 2015

It is hard to say good bye…

Snowed in car in 1978 Pickerington Ohio
(c) 2015
To January 2015.  I really did not think much about January.  I never do.  It is a hard act to follow after December of the previous year.  Yes, it is the first month of the new year, but if you live in a mini snow belt, like Ohio (the first snow belt being the New York/New England area of the country), it can be a hit or miss. 
There are some years, where Ohio can get as much snow as the first Snow Belt, especially around the Cleveland area.  These are the days, where if you venture out of the house at all, it is to go to the local store, get your goods, and go home, never vowing to go out again as long as you live.  Then there are the years where you feel like that God forgot to let Mother Nature know that it is winter, and temps stay decent and no snow is to be seen for miles (unless you are in Cleveland).  I live in Columbus, so snow is a hit or miss, unless you were around last year (2014) or the Blizzard of 1978.  Now those were some doozies.
In 1978, I was in the 8th grade.  We had just moved from McGuire AFB, NJ a few months prior.  I was loving my new school, and everything was going great.  My brother was in the 1st grade, and my parents have never consider being foster care parents (that came much, much later).  My father was working on base as a security police officer, which was totally different than your mall cops (sorry if I am throwing shade at your occupation, you are important).  It had been snowing, but Joe Holbrook (my Grandmother’s favorite weatherman) had forecast 1” or 2” inches, that’s it.  All I remember was there was no school the next day, in fact the next couple of days, and I loved it.  What kid would not?  My father was stuck in a barracks on base, until the streets were clear enough for him to come home.
Last year was a little different.  I do not mind blizzards (especially the kind with chocolate-ok wrong type of Blizzard), but I hate polar vortexes.  These are the kind that do not allow a person to get into their garage of their condo, without taking out their car and/or the side of the building.  I did not do that, but I did not get in.  1998 Honda Accords are not good snow plows to pack down the snow. Now a 2013 Cadillac CTS is.  I went back to my parent’s house and my father went back to my house and mowed over the snow with his car.   Now I see why his car cost more than mine, LOL.  1998 Honda=burnt rubber, 2013 Caddies=snow plow/snow packer.  You know a polar vortex is bad when Mickey Mouse cannot come out and play (Disney saw this thing to and shut down the parks).
January is supposed to end with a bang for Central Ohio, because we are supposed to get a good one tonight.  I am glad that our Mayor, Mike Coleman is not having a new conference telling us how to prepare for the next wave of snow coming.  I would hate to see him end up like the mayor of New York City. (Yellow does not look good on him-egg yolk)
In other news…
Sales are not looking great this month, and I am talking mine. I know this a writing blog, but how would you like to hear about what is going on with my other blogs from time to time?   I am thinking of doing that, and by doing so may mean I have to plop a sale or two on here.  I have a blog called Tricia’s baskets, and I am an Independent Longaberger® Home Consultant.  In case you are wondering what Longaberger sells, it is a direct selling company that makes baskets, pottery, and wrought iron pieces.  They make their sales through independent consultants like myself and in their showrooms.  The company is based in Newark, Ohio, with a showroom called The Homestead.  It was founded by the late Dave Longaberger, and you can read about the history here. I have been a proud member of the sales field for over 14 years.
This is the end of my January posts for the month.  I did not contribute too much in the way of my writing prompts and that is something that I have been trying to do for months.   It is not easy when you have a busy life, even when you are single and have No Kids.  I do help out my oldest nephew, who will have a birthday next month.  Wow, 19 year old.  I remember 19.  More on that later.  My sister is in crisis mode, but I have to get permission to share what she needs.   I made that mistake with asking for prayer for my mom in November, and got chewed out by my father.  I did on Facebook.  He felt it was no one’s business, so lesson learned (or learnt as they say these days)  My brother is good, and so are my parents.

Bye January.

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