Thursday, December 12, 2013

Would you rather have one more hour with someone you like, or one fewer hour with someone you can't stand?

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This is another Blogher post prompt that I am writing.  I find it rather unusual, and kind of annoying.  The reason being, is I do not like to discriminate against anyone.  I hope you find it very strange for me to say that.  But if I have to choose between either one, I would have to choose one more hour with someone I like.
The reason why I choose to spend one more hour with the person I like, is I have gotten along with this person from the very beginning.  We have something in common, a good start two what may be a bad ending, such as an accident, or that person moving away.  I will want to know what that person’s future would be like, or how they have enjoyed life.  I would then say how much I enjoyed their company, their friendship, and their life.  It would be hard for me if I had to witness the end of a beautiful life, or beautiful friendship.  What if it was not the end, but a beginning of something new?  Would I be selfish?  I mean, what if I am preventing something that can benefit either one of us?  Just because I’d do not want something to end, that does not mean that I am selfish.  What see if it is a new job?  It could provide a way for that person to maybe visit after they get settled.  Maybe that job is just temporary, and they will be back in a few months, or a couple years.  Finally, they could come back to teach others what they have learned.  The possibilities are endless.
Let’s look at it in a different light.  What if they were sick?  What if they could not get well?  How would to spend that time with them?  Would you to spend that time crying?  Would you spend that time holding that person?  These are questions that we have to ask ourselves when the time comes.  It is hard to talk about something that has not happen yet.  I do know this.  If I had to spend one more hour with someone who I liked, only to find out that they had something like terminal cancer, or some other terminal disease, I would spend that time thanking them for the time that they were in my life.  I would not cry, because I do not want that person to see how sad I am.  I hope that the person who I am talking to, has all of their affairs in order, and that everything will be all right.
So my question to you is, who do you want to spend your 1 hour with?  I hope it is with someone who you love, rather than someone you despise.  I hope it is with someone who you respect, love to listen to, and who can give you good wisdom for your future.  I want to give you one final thought about who I would have love to meet.  That person is a person who died last week, and that person is Nelson Mandela.  It would have been an honor to have just sit and listen to what he had to say about his country, his thoughts on the United States, and people in general.  Madiba, as he was called by many, was memorialized two days ago, with the private ceremony for his family on Saturday, will always be remembered as a gentle giant who changed a nation, and hopefully a world.  At least I would like to think so.

So comment on your thoughts below in the comments section below.   What do you think of this topic?  Feel free to use this as a jumping off point in your writing prompt for today.  If you have any topic you want to see covered in this blog, let me know that too.  Have a blessed evening, my friend.

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