Monday, December 16, 2013

Curse you, IPad and the Blogger ap

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Today, I decided to step away from this desktop computer, and take to writing via Ipad and the blogger app.   These days, sometimes I feel like all I ever do is wake up, come downstairs from my perch (LOL), and write on this computer, in hopes to gain viewers.  Aww, a writer’s life for me.  So, I decided to try my hand at Ipad writing.  
As I put finger tips to virtual keyboard, I eloquently compose the words on the app, and carefully making sure I write to help my potential readers understand what I am trying to get across.  I accidently added an extra line of nothing to a paragraph.  No problem, I will correct it.   So, as I went to correct it, I erase the whole thing.   I tried to get it back, but nothing.  I did not save it.  Well, it does not automatically save on the Ipad like the website automatically saves.  What a bummer.  Blogger, you need to change that.  
I have always said that the way I write is, writing the post first in a MS Word document, then cut and paste it on the blog.  I have not found a app on the Ipad that allows me to have the same feel as the combo of Word and cut/paste to the blogger software.  The reason could be the constant fight between Apple and Microsoft of who has the better device/software.  Enough already.  Microsoft will not do us Ipad users a favor by providing a complete Office app for the Ipad or Apple will not allow a complete Office app for the Ipad.   At least one that is free.  
So, my advice to you is to have more than one way of typing your post.  Once you have typed and proofread your work, save it.  I am slowly running out of room, so I need a new external drive.  I have one, but the computer hated the configuration of the drive once Windows 7 came into the picture. (It was configured in Windows Vista).  Be your best advocate when protecting your hard earned work from the very beginning.  This includes when vultures start stealing your well-written work. (Another topic for another day).  

I will tackle the topic of imagination and knowledge at another time.  I am 5 hours late with a topic.   Be blessed, my friend, be blessed.

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