Monday, September 30, 2013

What society expects

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...."snips and snails and puppy dog tails
That's what little boys are made of."
Really?   Parents of another generation, is that what you think little boys are made of?   Altough I do not have children of my own, I am blessed to have four.  17,6,3,and 2 years old (the 2 year old is actually a friend of mine's child).   As I watch all of them, 17 going into a man, the 6 year old is learning to make friends, and the 3 and 2 year old learning about all the things around them, I cannot help but to wonder why I keep telling myself why I want to adopt a girl.  Boys are fascinating to watch.  I guess it is the silliness to take risks.  We as a society, encourage little boys to be adventurous, daring, and to take risks.  We tell them it is ok to be rough, tough, and to scrape a couple of knees.  I love little boys as much as little girls.  Let's move on...
...."Sugar and spice, and everything nice,
That's what little girls are made of.
Again, parents of another generation, is this what you used to think of little girls.   Sweet, cute, and whinny?   We expect little girls to learn how to be submissive and to be lady-like.  Alone with those little nephews, I have a 5 year old niece.  She is the sister to the 6 year old.   She always want to do what her brother does, but again due to society's wishes, we tell her, like all little girls to be delicate, dainty, and cute.
So what if a man likes to cook, clean, and dress nice, or a woman likes to fix cars, build things, or ride a motorcycle, what are they to society?   They are considered gay.   Not necessary.  For those of you who still think that, consider this:
How is a man or woman supposed to survive without a mate?  A person does not have to get married, or for some reason they cannot get married.   For a man, that means how are they supposed eat, when health experts tell us that we have gotten too fat off of fast food.   It is also unhealthy to live in a messy house.  If a man does not dress nice, he is considered a bum or homeless.
Likewise, if a woman does not know how to fix anything, she may never know what needs to be fix or how to fix it.   Yes, there are experts out there, but when there is a problem, the person in trouble is always the one to blame.   After all, how does a woman find out how much money is in the bank account, how to invest, and when to invest.   Are cars the only mode of transportation for a woman?  And finally, how is a woman going to make a change in society to benefit gender relationships?   I  thought so.
So, the conclusion is simply.  Yes, boys can be rough, but so can girls.  Girls can cook and dance, but so can boys. Let a person be who they want to be, and survive the best way they know how, and unless they are hurting another person, let them be.
Be blessed my friend.

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