Thursday, June 4, 2020

Taking a Mental Break

I am trying to switch around my blogging schedule a little bit.  Having Motivational Mondays are great, but I feel at this time in our lives, we need motivation every day.  So, until further notice, Motivational Mondays are out, and you will never know when I am will post a motivational moment post.  That is what I am calling them.

It is important to take a mental break
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Corona and #BlackLivesMatter have worn me out.  I am exhausted, not because of what is going on now, but what has been going on?  I have a question to ask, and that question is, “when does it have to be so exhausting to have my skin color?  Why do I have to be the low man on the totem pole when it comes to opportunities? 

One of the reasons I became an entrepreneur was I got sick and tired of being fired from the job that I was in.  If I was not fired, I got the crappy stuff at my job.  Yes, I wanted to change at my job, and I was one of the last ones to say how crappy a job was, so I left.  To put it mildly, I got fed up at my last job, which was a simple retail job. 

When you have feelings like that, you can do one of two things: scream or take a mental break.  I suggest that you take a mental break.  This includes taking one from all the problems of the world like Corona and the race protests.  It does not mean that you do not care anymore, please no that.  It means that you need to take care of yourself before you end up in the hospital or worse.

Taking a mental break can take anywhere from 5 minutes to several hours (sleep or running errands).

Yesterday, I did take a mental break.  I did the following:

·         The day before, I ordered a new vacuum cleaner because I needed one.  I picked it up at Walmart under order pickup at 2pm.

·         After I left there, I drove to Joann’s to get the Cricut Joy Machine and some of the accessories that came with it.  They ran out.  I instead picked up the Cricut Easy Press Mini.  Yes, I wore a mask while I was in the store.

·         I went by a Starbucks that was in the area.  They already have three locations in the area.  Why they needed a new one, I will never know.

·         I went by Michael’s because I insisted to get that Cricut Joy.

·         I went to my parent’s house because Tuesday, dad wanted me to help him with something on the computer.  I ate dinner with them.

·         I came home and attended an online bible study.  The message was timely and very fitting.

·         I made a video and edited another video.

·         I promoted some things on my social media.

·         I took some produce out of the car and started cutting them for freezing

·         I had a late online date with a guy.  Not sure how this is going to be.  It started on Instagram and ended in Google Hangouts.

These are some of the things I did yesterday that made me forget about protests, corona (except the mask thing) and that I had a curfew at 10 PM (statewide).  This does not negate this issue of race. I feel much better.  I did not get upset, and I have two new toys to play with.  I also received an Amazon order of a new water bottle, when will remind me of my water intake, new craft supplies that I was running out of.  I also received some Tajin, which when put on mangos is the best thing in life at the moment.  Where was this stuff all my life?  (the Instagram guy just buzzed me.  I hope he is not going to be a pain in my side, a girl’s got to sleep).

So how are you going through all of this?   I have some suggestions:

·         Pick your battles.  You cannot be at every protest, social media, and not take care of yourself.

·         Journal your feelings, good or bad.  Talk about how you feel in words. 

·         If you are creative, now is the time to be in your feelings and let the creative juices flow.  Publish them on your social media accounts if you dare.

·         Talk to a close friend, your spouse, parents, or your pastor.   If you do not feel comfortable doing so, and your insurance allows it, talk to a counselor.

·         Take long walks and meditate.  Learn to breathe through this time.

·         Turn to God and rely on your faith.  I know this is the hardest.  I am struggling through it myself.  Maybe this is a chance for God to speak through his people for a change.  He has seen this stuff far too long, and he says it is time to stop.

This is a short but sweet post to say that we will get through this.  We need to just peacefully protest, letting those who are in charge that:

·         We are tired

·         We are exhausted

·         We want the same things that you do

·         We want support

·         We want love

·         We want the killings to stop.

·         We do not deserve this.

Please take care of yourself.  When all else fails, including prayer, you now have my permission to scream. At least you have let the rage out, and feel better.  Or do you? 

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