Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Am I Superstitious?

Today, In addition to a motivational Monday post, which I am going to start back doing, I am answering a blog challenge.  While everyone who decided to take the challenge is on track with it, I have not. 
This is a Facebook group I am in, and though I enjoy bringing you my thoughts, ever once in a while I like to change it up.  So, with that being said, I will bring you my thoughts on the subject, “am I superstitious?”
“Step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back”, black cats crossing paths, the number 13, and my favorite one, do not walk under a ladder.  All of these things are the westerners believe in when it comes to being superstitious.  I know everyone has their own cultural ways to things like these, I have always been scared of them.  I did not want to tackle getting myself killed or worse, going to hell when I was a child. 

Full moons?  I believe that the moon has an effect on people’s behaviors when it is full.  I cannot explain its pull, I do know that my cat acts strange during this time (unless when she goes into heat, it happens as the moon is full).
As a child, I cried every time I did step on a crack.  My mom is fine.  She does have back issues among other things, but it was not because I stepped on a crack.  There is no scientific evidence that proves it otherwise, or millions of mothers would be in the hospital for broken backs.  There are reasons for not walking under a ladder, which has been proven to be unsafe anyways, especially when someone is working while on a ladder.  A tool or the person can fall on you or the ladder itself could have a malfunction and potentially fall on you.  So, it is not a superstition per se, but rather good old-fashion common sense.
I do not believe in lucky numbers.  Lucky numbers to me (without doing any research on this) is a sign of numerology.  As a Christian, I am instructed by God to avoid things like numerology, astrology, and even talking about witchcraft and sorcery.  So, do I read Harry Potter?  No, but I do not who he is. What about Disney since I am a fan?  I believe that the magic that Disney magic translates into happiness and joy.  It is okay to have that.  As long as I know that Jesus is the one who died for me and my sins, and he is my savior, and God is my heavenly father, I will be fine.
What about voodoo?  Some things get you very crazy in the head and having you think there is a curse on you.  I am not from Louisiana and neither are my parents, but it does exist.  A couple of my grandfather’s sisters-in-law were believed to have practiced it.  My mother and her siblings were forbidden to go to their houses to visit.  I never have seen it, nor I never do.  I know this does not have anything to do with being superstitious, but I want to throw it out there since it belongs in the category. 
Is this superstitious?  Image by Pixabay (c) 2020
I do want to tell you a secret… when I was a teen, I did believe at one time that I was clairvoyant and had ESP. I looked it up in the “E” encyclopedia (this was pre-Wikipedia for those who want to compare the set too), and I thought I had all the signs until my mother told me that if I believed that, I would not be Christian and depended on God and Christian, and that having these things were that of devil worship.  Since I was brought up in the church, I started reading about the things that were wrong in God’s eyes and I no longer believe that I had them in the first place.  Hey, as a Christian teen, there is nothing wrong with that, as you know what is right and what is wrong, and you can steer another person who feels the same way in the right direction towards Christ.
So, this ends another short but sweet entry, that will not get my usual “wait until morning to publish it” treatment.  Neither will the Motivational Monday piece, which has to do with …. Nope, you will have to wait to check it out.  No hints.
If you have any questions about this piece or have any comments, please state them below.  I look forward to reading this, and hopefully, I will start making the posts longer (hmm, now there a hint to the Motivational Monday post).  Be safe as we all get through this thing that is currently happening in this world. If you want to comment about how you are doing during this time, I am no expert, but I am a great listener and will let you blow off some steam here.

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