Friday, April 26, 2019

Sharing is caring-the Facebook Edition

This is a Facebook post that I finished writing, and the beginning of my many changes for this blog, Sometimes, I may not feel like writing a whole blog post to get my point across. Sometimes it is those little nuggets of time that concludes a topic and the points made to drive it home. Overall, these changes I am making for my blogs are a long time coming, based on the fact that I have been blogging for 10 years and 4 months (but who is counting: Oh I am, LOL).
So does that mean you will see me posting more? Yes, it does, but I do not have a new schedule to publish yet. right now, as I get ready to switch this blog over to WordPress, the schedule is the current schedule, and I apologize for that. My website for P. Lynne Designs is almost finished, and so far, the launch date is still May 1st, not in time for Mother's day, but in time for me to become busier. Anyway, enjoy today's post, and if you are not following me on Facebook, please do. The page is the same as this blog, which is My Ambience Life.
I am trying to engage with my social media accounts more. I cannot say it is the easiest thing I have done. It takes work, dedication, and sheer will to do this, but I feel like it can be done.
Instagram and Facebook are today’s candidates. For Instagram, I signed up for platforms that will help me get this account from the current stats of 727 followers to 1000 follows. I have 273 more to go. I want them to be authentic and natural and no fakers. If you like what you see from my phone, wait there are more to come.
The major problem I am having is my phone. It is old, 2015 old. Now for some, it is the old, “so, what’s the problem?” Nothing, except companies who sponsor want the clearest, crisp photos from an influencer. The “dot all “I” s and cross all “T” s syndrome”. This is my term, not anyone else. Oh, it’s okay, I do not mind this type of requirement, it keeps me fresh on my equipment, and helps me look out for the latest thing without breaking the bank. For the moment while I'm a greenhorn at being an influencer, it is hard when you have a 4-year-old phone and money is tight, and you are on the family account. I am not saying that I am not grateful, I am only saying it is hard when there are limitations. A newer Samsung Galaxy would be nice, an Iphone would be even nicer. I currently have a Galaxy Note 4 and an Ipad Mini 3.
Facebook is getting better. I engage every day, but on Instagram, I do not. Would you believe I only have 240 posts? With Facebook, there are a ton of things I can do on this account as it is half business/half personal. I can turn off the business part at any time and Vice Versa. (Only in my head). I finally learned two months ago that engaging does not mean complaining about what your family, friends, and the government does on a daily basis.
I can go to my groups and observe rather than off my take on that person’s situation. I can ask a question and if no one answers it, I can move it to another group without making a big stink about it in the first group I asked the question in. I am trying the be a social influencer and if companies find my posts to be not to their liking, they will move on. This is the difference between being a troll and not being a troll.
So, this is it, a small take in my world and as one YouTuber named ShannaB puts it best, “as I grow my family”.
I never said that becoming an influencer is easy. Sometimes it takes a little research into your own little world to see what you are lacking, and that is everything in life. You may have people who point it out to you, but you are the only one who can change that aspect of your life, and if you are a Christian, you let God do most of that change for you.
Take care and God Bless you. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter.

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