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More Videos to Increase Viewership

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In part 1 last month, I covered different types of videos that are popular on YouTube RIGHT NOW.  These videos include The Haul and unboxing shopping videos, food videos (cooking and Muckbong), and ASMR (sound stimulating).  These are the videos that seem to get the most viewership, and allows the creator to see 100, 1000, or even 100,000 viewers and subscribers.  Remember, the more viewers and subs you have, more likely you will see revenue in the form of money, sponsorship, and free product to trying and to review.  If you have not read the post, you can start here.
If you have read it, I will give you the rest of the list. So here we go.
Come with me Videos

By Videezy

These are the “this is what is in “X” store”, the “I came in here to buy “this” product, but here is what else they have”, and the popular, “what’s new in my store” video.  Now, I have a disclaimer to this type of video.  Most store chains do not like videos being shot in their stores by customer, unless you get permission. Let me explain what “getting permission” means to the average employee, “Call our corporate office”.  I am sorry, but when you are planning out a video, calling corporate is the last thing on your mind.  When you are first starting out, the best thing to do is shop in a specific location all the time.  The employees will see you coming, and you can begin talking to them casually and gaining trust.  Eventually, they will come around, and you can explain your business, or do like Romana of Cherish Treasures did and know someone who works for these stores.
Here are some the reasons they do not like them.  For one, they are afraid that you are the competition trying to find out store secrets.  Another is something called IP placement.  IP stands for Intellectual Property.  In other words, our old friend copyright.  I have several posts on this, so I do not have to explain how careful you have to be when roaming around the store with a video camera.  The last thing is the safety of their customers.  My advice to you if you decide to take on the come with me video is go during a time of day when there is less people or during a time when employees are most likely to be busy with another customer.  They also have security roaming around.  Stick to only your purchases.  And lastly, have fun and do not stress about it if an employee ask you to put the camera away.  Also, taping on your phone helps, it makes you look like you are viewing your messages.
Daily videos
By Suspicious Observers  

These are the videos where you can document your day.  Some people do straight talk about what happened during the course of their day while others will show it.  This type of video are for people who start off with their lifestyle video channel (crafts, food, etc…) then when they gain viewers, the creator will launch channel with everyday living.  Sometimes, the creator will start off with daily vlogs, then launch their niche channel, and gain a whole new set of viewers.
Family videos
By Twitter
These videos are a hybrid of the daily videos, only it involves a whole family.  I watch quite a few of these, like Holden It Down, who talks about hair, adopting her kids (she has 2, Elizabeth and Edgar), and family life.   I have mentioned these families before:
  • Cullen and Katie Husband and Wife (Cullen and Katie) who has 2 additional channels, Katie on the Flip Side, and a podcast channel, Don’t Tell Mom, and have 2 children, Macey Gaines and Brooks, and dogs, Adabelle and Emma; Cats Whitaker forgot the other cat’s name.
  • JK Today, featuring Katie’s Brother-in-law and Sister, Jay and Kelley, and their three kids, Madelyn, Bennett, and Emily, dog Socca, and cat Snuggles.
  • GabeBabeTV , Husband and wife (Gabrielle and Chad Sr.) with their children, Ceej (Chad Jr) and Reagan), dog, Oscar,  who have 4 additional channels; The Gabe Fix, Chad Life, Ceej Life, and Let’s Make Out- A Podcast channel.
  • Britt’s Space (formally The Nive Nulls)- formerly married mom (Brittany) of 3 (Audrianna, Kiland, and Maddox).
  • Samika Vlogs – Husband and wife (Sam and Jennika) with 3 children (Noah, Penelope (PJ), and Ezra).
  • LaVigne Life - Husband and wife (Jerry Jr. and Dee) who has 8 additional channels, including 2 channels featuring their kids, Jerry III and Jorden.
  • Daily Davidsons Husband and wife (TJ and Tiffany) with 4 children; Jaden, Chance, Carter, and soon to be born baby girl.
  • AprilJustinTV - Husband and Wife (April and Justin) with 2 sons, Liam and Jacob (Jake), two other channels; Cooking with April and AprilAthena7
  • Naptural85 -  Husband and wife (Whitney and Felipe) with 2 children, Olivia and Theo, cat, Chubs, has 1 other channel, Whitney White.
Yes, I watch them a lot.
Takeaway Moment:
You can have a lot of fun with these videos without making them boring.  Unlike the others, where you can show something new and different each time you put a video.  All of these videos, except a couple have gotten their viewers first, then branched off to their different channels.  For example, Gabe Flower-Rader of GabebabeTV and The Gabe Fix talks about fashion, her favorites products of the month, and recently started talking about her progress with her latest pregnancy and birth of their baby girl, Reagan Elizabeth (her and Chad also have a son named Chad Jr. (Ceej)).  The point is to always to switch it up, so your audience will not get bored, unsub, and move on. One other tip: remember to edit.  Some viewers do not like it when you have an extra long video (the average with all these family videos is around 10-15 minutes in length).  More specialized videos can go a little longer.
I hope you take a look at all these channels and show them some love.  This post is not sponsored by any of these channels and the ones mentioned part 1.  I love watching them and seeing the children grow, which some I have been watching since some of these children were babies, so I feel like I am part of their family.  I have never met any of these families in person.
In my next post, I will talk about how I and these YouTubers protect ourselves from people showing up on their front porch.  Until then, be safe, and God Bless You.

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