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Welcome, February

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Today is February 1, 2018.  I have a lot of feelings for this month.  Why?  For one, it is Black History month.  Second, it is the month of love, Valentine’s day.  Even though I feel like I am left out of the equation (single person, not currently dating), I look for other ways to get through February 14.  Third, it is my eldest nephew’s birthday, which is February 22.  Ironic this year, he will be 22.  I think it is weird but cute when you turn the same age as the day you were born.  Mine was when I turned 21 on July 21 (I will not give away the year).  Too bad it stops when a month hits 31, and you just so happen to be 31on that day.
Today, I also want to continue talking about me getting serious with my social media.  I decided to work on my Twitter page first.  Funny how this is the most misuse platform used by our current administration, yet I want to improve my account.  I really do not go on this account much except it is linked to my Facebook account.  So, anything that I say on the account comes directly to the Twitter account, and anything said on Twitter goes to the Facebook account.
I did not like Twitter at first.  Why?  It was not about what I said on Twitter, it was just I had in 120 characters.  Then Twitter got the idea and raised it…. 140 characters.  Gee, thanks, Twitter for the love.  This year, they do not count any links at the end of the post as part of the count.  OK, I can live with that.  I still think they should raise it to 200 characters or switch the social media to word count. (I know, it does not work out for Millennials).
Fast forward to the present day….
February 5, 2018

So, how was the Superbowl for you?  I did not watch, except for the halftime show.  It was good.  I like JT (Justin Timberlake for those who do not know).  For a white guy, his music is the most soulful.  Two things I do want to address about halftime (well three, but I will address the last point at another time).  To me, the best thing for JT to do in regards to the whole “Nipplegate” incident, was to let Janet Jackson appear briefly on stage with him in this year’s show.  With the whole sex scandal blowing up all over “Hollyweird” and the Jackson family still have not forgiven him for it, a written apology is not enough these days.  A statement is not enough.  This is coming from me, who is both a Janet fan and a JT fan (It sucks when stuff like this is coming from two of your favorite singers).  It was a mistake, but JT never said it was.  Janet is the only person who suffered from it.  She was blackballed from performing, and JT was given a slap on the wrist for behaving badly.  He should have been blackballed too.  Performance #3 should never have been offered.   It was as if CBS and the NFL said, “Good job for being a man, now we do not have to deal with her (Janet).” (I should have a blog in 2004, I would have ripped that halftime to sheds).
The next “boo-boo” had Prince Fans all up in a roar.   Prince said in a statement in 1998, that holograms were “demonic”, and he did not want to be part of it.  He also mentioned that if he was meant to live in Duke Ellington’s time to sing with him, he would have been born to do it.  Not his exact quote, but you get the picture. It will be two years Prince died this year, and this is the thanks he gets from JT, a projection of him singing with Prince.  To his fans, it is the same thing.  JT even promised Sheila E, Prince’s closest friend that he will not have a hologram of the singer.  Well, I guess the money spoke louder than the fans.  A nice tribute would have been just JT, a piano, and his Tennessee band singing a Prince song.  That how it was done in other tributes the late, great Purple One.  Again, as a JT fan and a Prince Fan, I would have been happy.
Video planning
Now, I can fully give advice to those who want to start their own videos on YouTube.  I have gotten over my fear of being in front of the camera.  Now, my fear is running out of subjects.  Before I give you advice on how to become a beginner vlogger, these are the videos I am planning to create in the next few days or weeks (subject to change):
1.      Unboxing my Erin Condren planner.  I was in the middle of making this video when I realized that I ordered the wrong layout.  No worries.  I called customer service to see how the process could be done, and sending it back is not a good option for me.  So, I am ordering the correct layout, and using the incorrect version to plan out videos, blog posts, and projects. I will shoot a video on the two when I get the other one.  Problem solved.
2.      January Favs.  If you watch these, I am doing my first one.  I am doing it in two parts:  a favs video, and a not so favs video.  Within each of these videos, I am going to cover, crafts, home, travel, and personal for both.  I believe and giving you the full coverage of what works and what is not working for me.
3.      2017 Craft favs.  This is different from the January in that it only covers crafts that may or may not be in the January one.  It is a year-end video.
4.      Talking videos.  What are those?  They are chat video where I sit a chat with you.  I have lots on my mind.  Some advice, no political firestorm stuff.  I deal with enough of that on the evening news and CNN.  My thoughts are my own, lol. It is really to help me get used to talking in front of the camera more.  I have seen some things in the editing, and frankly, I do not like them.  Lots of umms and awkward silent moments that I need to correct, and that comes with practice.
5.      Swap videos.  Those have been well received and I have another one coming in a few days when I get my swap package from Tmika, AKA Scrapdaworld, and I reveal what I made for the coming swap I am currently in. 
6.      Haul Videos, these are ongoing, as I shop at the different places I go to.  This month, I will try to sneak in a come with me video.  I will not do one for Tuesday Morning because I accidentally asked about how they felt about people videotaping their shopping trips, and the manager (who was working the register at the time) did not like them and prefers that no one does a video in here. So, I set myself up for that answer
I hope that is enough to get people to subscribe to my channel.  As of the 20th, I will not be able to monetize my account and channel, due to the new requirements.  I must have 1000 subs (I have 125) and over 4,000 views in the last 12 months.  There are other ways of doing it, but so far, I have not found them.  In fact, some have higher counts.  I wish these companies and sites would give a small Youtuber a break.  PLEASE!!!!

Comment below any ideas you would like to see me write or vlog about.  It helps out a lot.

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