Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Christmas Wish you heart makes

It all Started with a Mouse
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Welcome to Christmas week.  I love Christmas and all that it brings.  The presents, the love of family, get-togethers, food, sweets, but most all, the importance of the birth of Christ.  I love the decorations, but again, I must remember that this is Jesus’ birthday.
I know that some Christian purists and theologians will say, “but Christ was not really born on this day.”  No, we do not know ACTUALLY when He was born, but Christmas give us an idea of what day he was born.  Now, when choosing a Christmas story to believe in, to me, it is the biblical one.  Besides that, it is better than to believe in a story about some immortal fat elf, who breaks into people’s homes to leave a present, and spies on you the other 364 days of the year.  I am sorry folks, that is a home invasion.  On top of that, do you really have to leave him cookies and milk, and snacks for the reindeer? 
Now, I do not want to ruin it for the little ones, so, I do respect the guy who needs to be a spokesperson for Jenny Craig.  When kids do ask me about Santa, I tell them about him, and I do tell them about Jesus’ birthday.  No, I have not traumatically ruined the lives of my niece, nephews, and other children around me.  I have had some years to think about this whole Santa thing. 
What do I mean by “A Christmas wish your heart makes”?  I am talking about taking a trip to Disney World.
Like I said, I love looking at decorations, and I have gone to Disney World at Christmastime.  The parks in 1998 were not that crowded, and Disney was not making the big promotion thing like they do now.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom was just a few months old, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios was called Disney’s MGM Studios.  Disney Springs was called Downtown Disney, and my family and I stayed off property.
We went back in 2004 during the spring break, and it was wonderful, but I longed to get back there during Christmastime.  I was a member of the Disney Vacation Club, which is a wonderful way to stay on the property of Disney.  I do recommend it if you take annual trips to Disney.  I do have to warn you; it is like a timeshare, you have all the perks of a timeshare, but it is so worth it if you do visit Disney multiple times of the year if you can afford it.  In 2006, I had to give it up, because of a financial crisis, but I will tell you that it does not show up on my credit report.  I have plans to get the membership again.
I have been trying to get back to Disney World for Christmas since 2009, but many things have come up in my life over the years.  I am shooting for 2017 this time and it may be the first time without my parents.  Dad has never been big on Disney, in fact, he hates it.  I never knew that concept until we took the trip in 2004.  What we don’t do for our kids.  He tolerated Disneyland when we lived in California, and he thought that we would only ask a handful of times when we moved to Ohio.  Little did he know that he would have a child that loved all things, Disney. 
Mom is a lot better about Disney.  Mom’s now has walking issues, and she is afraid that she would not make it through a week of walking around Disney World, even though if need be, we get her an electric chair to ride in.  She did great in 2004, but she was younger and her legs were stronger.  
As for the rest of the family, except for my ankle issues, me, my brother and his family, along with my sister and her family can do this alone, if my parents do not come.  I want to make it a Disney Cruise/resorts type of trip.   I will have to see and talk to them about it.  One of the things about myself that I need to work on is to be assertive when I ask of something from my family.
One of the events I would like to visit in 2017 is the Disney Social Media Mom’s event.  I doubt if the Disney officials would see this post, but that is one of the goals if that could be pulled off.  I believe it’s in March or April, but I am also not sure how many page views I need on this blog to even get an invite.  I have never been to an event of Disney’s and I heard that when they have one, it will blow you away. 

Well, this is short, and again it is Christmas Week.   If I do not post again and I hope I do so before Sunday, you have a wonderful Merry Christmas. (New Year’s will come up sometime next week)

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