Tuesday, February 16, 2016


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So the Grammy are on right now, and there are some things that are different, while others stayed the same. While there are some people forgot that BeyoncĂ© was black (oops), she is supposed to present for album of the year.  Taylor Swift opened the show, and while I was behind, expecting her to open with Shake it Up, the opening number was nice.
I was a little vague on what happened next (someone at Longaberger forgot that this show was on, and scheduled an online consultant’s meeting (another oops)) for the little bit I heard, it was pretty good.  I actually thought that it started to be a bit on the boring side, but it perked up a little bit with rap segment. Next thing I knew, it when south, as in AT&T Uverse decided that I didn’t need to see it, and it lost the signal. It also decided that I needed to take a break from the internet AND my landline phone.  I was two seconds away from using my cell phone to connect this big butt of a computer. 
(OK, side note:  what happened to BeyoncĂ© presenting Album of the Year, Ooops, my bad, Record of the Year.)
Anyway, I thought that Lady Gaga was a changed person.  Nope, she just took a break when she sung with Tony Bennett.  I was not impressed to say the least.  Adele had throat surgery, so her subpar performance is excused.  Not sure what Justin Bieber was doing, but I ignore him anyway.  The tributes were wonderful.  They picked the right artist for them.

Well, that is it for the awards.  Next award show is the Oscars, and I have no plans to watch it.  It is not what Jada Pinkett Smith or what Stacy Dash said.  I am so over that.  I never really cared for the program.  That is all.

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