Saturday, November 14, 2015

Prayers For Paris

This is a short, improved post.  I am not even in my usual "write in MS Word, then paste" mode.  This is real and raw. So, excuse me if I have spelling and grammar mistakes.  This is not the time to call the grammar police on me, this is way too important than that.

I am upset right now.  I have no words for this kind of senseless act that has happened in Paris, France.  This place is on my bucket list of places I want to see before I die (I am not just about traveling to Disney World folks).

My prayers are that whoever has done this, and I understand that it was a group of people, not just one or two, I pray they are caught and tried for the acts they have done.  This is selfish and cruel.  What I want to know is how can you impede on someone's way of life?  These people have done nothing to you at all.  They had families, jobs, lives, and just because you do not like they way they live, you had to end it?  

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Let me point back to America's 9/11.  The day two buildings in New York City had the same fate.  People were just living their lives, getting up, going to work, just living their lives.  all of sudden, buildings came crashing down, and planes crashed (4 of them).  These people, cowards,  disrupted a way of life for these people and their loved ones.

I want to address one more, well two...

Gun violence in this country has escalated a lot.  People are pissed off or mentally disturbed, then kill others on school grounds (elementary, middle, high, and college campuses). There was also the federal building in Oklahoma, where one lone man, Timothy McVay, blow up a building, again disrupting a way of life that men, women, and in this case, children, some who were just born, snatched away from their families, their loved ones.

The important thing is this:  there are too many acts of violence that have happened within the last 30 years or more.  Sure, there have been other killings before Timothy McVay.  The difference is I became an adult during this time.  I have not noticed it when I was a child.  my parents shielded me from this type of media coverage, the breaking news.  My childhood was very cushy compared to today's child.  This is something I have to deal with as an adult, an aunt, and soon to be a mother. (Yes, I am going to start paperwork for adoption in January 2016). How am I suppose to shield my niece, nephews, and potential child from this, and if I had my way, all of it, but I cannot.  No one can take this away, but you can discuss it if they are old enough to have a discussion.  Do not force the issue, only if they ask.
Meanwhile, violence is not the way.  two wrongs do not make a right.  You cannot march with this one.  Besides that, marching leads to violence by either the people doing the marching or by the people the others are marching against.   Not only that, by now, these people who terrorised Paris have gone home, high fiving themselves for a victorious win on their part.  
It is sad that we live in a world, where in order to get a point across, violence has to disrupt the very fiber of a people.  It reminds me so much of the acts against African American males who were killed, as well as the authorities who felt it was necessary to kill now, ask questions later.  The whole thing is just sickening.
Well, it is late, and I must go to bed.  Before I do, I will pray for Paris. I hope you will too.  You do not have to be of a particular religion, just pray in a manner that you were taught to pray.  God hears all who yield to Him.  Good night, Good morning, or wherever you are in this world.  Paris, the world is praying for you.  PEACE!

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