Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday musings: Research tip

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Before I get to today’s post, I want to give an apology to those who have been following this blog:   I goof up again.  I am trying to make my life a little easier by automatically uploading blog posts from Blogger to pinterest.  I often use a website called to perform little tasks for uploading stuff.  Unfortunately, instead of getting a recipe that uploads my posts after I publish them to my pinterest board, it is posting everything I repin from my feed (like a greeting card idea I like), and posting it to Blogger on this blog.  It is not doing it to my other blogs.  It has gotten traffic, just not the traffic I wanted for this blog.  The ones that were repined, should be for my P.Lynne Designs blog, NOT this one.  

If you are here to learn about different writing techniques and my musings, I again apologize, and if you do not mind the posts, ignore my apology.  Either way, I have stopped the recipe from automatically posting pins that have nothing to do with my post.  I am, however, learning to create one on my own, and not rely of others.   With that being said, I hope you will enjoy today’s post.

Research can be a bear (I had another name, but I am trying to keep it G).  In case you have lived under a rock, this is how research used to be:  Come up with a subject.  Narrow down the subject.  Go to the library.  If your family was lucky, you had a set of encyclopedias and you looked up information that way.  You wrote out your information of 3x5 cards (10 points if you showed it to the teacher as proof you did it).  You arranged your cards in order of appearance in your report (essay, dissertation, thesis, Et. all), and that was the hard part.  Now, you have to write the little bugger.  Typing was, and still is not my strongest skill, so using the typewriter was really grueling, and you spell check was the dictionary (my parents had Webster’s, the only game in town according to them).   If you messed up, you had to either use whiteout, a typewriter eraser, or rip the whole thing out and start the page over again.    Thank God I had caring teachers who did allow students to write the report in their own handwriting.  When I was a teen, computers were introduce to the home, and life got a little simpler.
Today, I do not know how we got along without computer.  You do not have to go to the library, take notes on a 3 x 5 index card, and so forth.   I do not remember the last time I was in a library.  I just look up my information on Google to research my subject, type out my post (or article), but what do you do with all that information you find.   Well you can store it on an external drive, your internal drive on your computer, or on a cloud drive.  How about your browser?   If you have not made this discovery, let me show you have it is done.
I am using Google Chrome, but any browser can actually do this.  You just have to know how to save.
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First of all, make your folder.   On Google Chrome, go to bar which is right under the URL bar.
 Click the right button on the mouse to bring up the menu, and go to “add folder”.
This should bring up a menu like this:
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Type in a name such as “research”, “musings” (you come up with the name)
And your folder should look like this on the saved bar (what I am calling it from now on)
Next, you want to save the website that you are researching on, so highlight the URL.

Then drag it to the new folder.
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Now if you need to go to the website, instead of typing in the URL each time, just go to your research folder in your browser.   It saves time, no need to think of the URL each time, and a bunch of trees (no more little pieces of paper with the URL floating around your desk).

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