Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hey, What are you reading?

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Do you love to read?  I do, and I read anything and everything.  I have read how to books that can bore you to tears to incredible steamy love stories, that transform you to that moment in time, and then you forget what time it is.  I have also read erotica stories (you know, Zane and her stories).  I have gotten out of those stories, because well her stories leave enough for the imagination and then some.  Not only that, but even though God sees all, and knows all, I still may have to answer to that in Heaven, and I am not ready for that, LOL.
Anyway, since I got my smartphone last December, I started reading e-books, and I have switch them to my Ipad a few weeks ago, but I keep a copy of them on phone just in case.  I have found both the Ibooks and  Kindle apps for the Ipad very pleasing for me.  I have yet to try the Nook apps, and I will let you know what I think of it soon, or not.  I also have Overdrive, which allows me to borrow e-books from my library.  At first, when I was making a choice of what I was going to use for a e-reader, I thought that I was going to get a Kindle for the e-reader, and the Ipad for everything else.  I since learned that I do not need a separate e-reader to take care of what I need, which is to simply read a book.
So what do I have on my Kindle app?  I have all kinds of stuff from cookbooks to organizing to a sampling of this book:

Just got it.  It is part of my online reading group's book choice for the month.   I am going to read it, and if I like it, I am going to download a pay for the rest of it.
So again, what are you reading?  More important, is it a traditional book or do you have an e-reader?  I still go to the library, I still order books, and I still have my print versions of my magazine subscriptions, as well as the e-version of these same magazines.
So with that end, be blessed everyday, and I will talk to you real soon.
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