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I originally started this post on Friday, but I was a little upset because I could not get access to my computer.   Columbus Ohio had a storm blow through and the power was knocked off, so I did the best that I could with the business center at the hotel I was staying at in Tuscaloosa, AL.  Thank God, Blogger saves drafts.   So below is my review about the barbecue place my family stopped at for dinner.

Today, I am making a brief post.   I am making a visit to my family reunion in Tuscaloosa, AL.  No, this does not stop a gal for making a post, but I went to a barbecue place called Dreamland with my parents, brother and nephew.   Now for a little family history:  My youngest aunt's husband loved this place before he passed in 2003, so I always wanted to try it.  When I first saw the food as a teen one summer, I did not think much of it.   The reason why I did not care at the time, was I love the way my father grills, and nothing can take away that feeling.   My father cooks it just right.   I have also had Kansas city barbecue as well.  I ate there in 2007 at another family reunion.

The outside does not look like much, and neither does the inside, which has license plates hung all over the walls.  The place looks like one of those hole in the wall type places.   You know the kind.  This is the kind that makes you wonder what the owner was thinking when they built this place.  One thing that I ask  you to do is to look past the decorum of the place.  If you are not willing to try to do that, I suggest you drive past to a nice, neat place for your barbecue.  Oh and another thing, when you sit down,and you have a large group of more than 2 people, you will eating family style.

My father order for the family a whole slab, which cost around $20.  In fact, not counting that we did not order any drinks, which was $2.19, the total bill was around $34.  Now this is for the people who also follow my other blog, My Crafty Couponer Deals:  for 5 people that averages out to $7.50 per person.   Not bad for a family who has two hearty appetites, my brother and my nephew.   The food was delicious. The best thing about it is the ribs, while the Cole slaw and the potato salad being ok.  As far as I am concern, I will be making another trip to this place, providing that my relatives who live in Tuscaloosa do not find out.  By the way, this article is in memory of my uncle.

I do recommend this place when you visit this town.  

Address:  5535 15th Avenue, East
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405
(205) 758-8135

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