Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitney Houston

I will say this once and for all; I am a Whitney Houston fan.   So I found Saturday’s shocker very upsetting.  I did not cry.   I wanted to, but for some reason I did not, because that would not bring her back.   This is a brief post on her.   I am not going to speculate on what killed her (they say she drowned in the bathtub), I want to remember her the way she was at the height of her career, and that was her amazing voice.  Later, I want to talk a little bit about judging, because I feel it is important.
Whitney came on the scene at age 19 and was a model prior to that.   God had told her that this is how I want you to reach people.  She has touched so many lives and she even shocked a few when she admitted two years ago that she was doing drugs.   I want to stop there, because that was twice I received the shocker of my life.   The first was Michael Jackson when he was found dead in his home.  Whitney was clean at the time of her death, and some said she suffered a little bout of anxiety. 

I do not think that most people know what celebrities go through to entertain us.   Not only do we put pressure on them, but talent agents, paparazzi, and even the stars themselves strive to become better.  There is a saying, “You are only as good as your next gig, record, movie, or television show.”  One hair out of place, and we are quick to judge that person.  I was reading over the weekend some of the comments that people were saying about Whitney.   Most were saying how she touched that person with her gift of song.   Others were saying that “the world has lost an angel”.  Then I came across a person who simply said, “Crackhead.”    We, as humans love to bring a person down, when they are already down and out , and this came after the woman had been dead for a couple of hours.   We do not know what Whitney Houston’s condition was when she died, and we do not know what she was thinking when the unthinkable happened.  No one knows but Whitney and God.   She was getting ready for a pre-Grammy party when this happened.   It could have been simply God telling her that it was time for her to leave.

The killer for me was when her daughter, Bobbi Kristina was taken to the hospital, and the vultures were still circling to get a glimpse of that scene.   They wanted to know why she was taken to the hospital.   What do you think?  The girl just lost her mother, and she was not allowed to see her one last time.   The kid was stressed out from all of this.  I hope that these people will leave the family alone.  At any time that Bobbi Kristina, Dionne Warwick, or any other members of her family wants to talk to the reporters and the insensitive camera people, that is their choice.   It was the same way with Michael Jackson’s children and family when he died.   No respect for the dead at all.

So with that, R.I. P Whitney Houston.   I hope they will release the movie, “Sparkle” as schedule in November of this year.   I have seen the original several times on television, which stars Irene Cara and Michael Thomas (the guy who played Officer Tubbs on Miami Vice), and it was good.   I hope this version lives up to the original.   Jordin Sparks looks like a young Irene Cara, and I cannot wait.

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